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Shania Twain’s Untold Truth

Shania Twain
Shania Twain

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Shania Twain’s Untold Truth

Shania Twain is one of the most successful female artists in country music, although she does not come from Nashville, but from Ontario, Canada.

When it comes to album sales, Twain is at the top. According to Universal Music Publishing Group, has sold 100 million albums, more than any female artist in the history of country music. After his 1993 self-titled debut, his 1995 follow-up, The woman in me made her a force to be reckoned with. However, his greatest triumph was ahead in the form of 1997 Come on more, which sold 40 million albums worldwide, as noted Variety, and spawned hits like “You’re still the one” and “That doesn’t impress me much.”

Unbeknownst to Twain, there were dark times ahead that would turn his career red hot for years. However, Twain proved she was a survivor, reemerging with the return of all the comebacks to claim her place at the top of the charts and remind fans why they fell in love with her in the first place. Here is the untold truth of Shania Twain.

Shania Twain wrote her first song when she was just 10 years old.

Shania Twain was born in the Canadian city of Windsor, Ontario, in 1965 (through Biography) Her birth name, Eilleen Regina Edwards, was changed to Eilleen Twain when she was just 4 years old, when her mother remarried and was adopted by stepfather Jerry Twain, who was part of the Ojibwa tribe. Shania’s name, an Ojibwa word for “on my way”, came after she signed with a record label, as she said The Guardian.

Twain was only 10 years old, he told her. ABC News, When he wrote his first song, titled “Mama Won & # 39; t You Come Out to Play”. As he explained, the song was his childhood attempt to convince his introverted mother to enjoy life more. “My mother was always … very isolated from herself,” said Twain. “I still don’t understand why … she was always that person who was watching life pass from the inside through a window.”

Looking back, Twain recalled seeing his mother “sad most of the time,” so he wrote the song to try to convince his mother to go out and live life.

The shocking betrayal behind Shania Twain’s divorce

Shania Twain’s career and personal life intersected when she fell in love with producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, get marry in 1993, just six months after meeting. Lange, who came up with albums for artists like AC / DC and Def Leppard, redefined Twain’s sound on his 1995 album, The woman in me, sending Twain across the country to the charts.

It all fell apart in 2008, when Twain announced that she and Lange would be separated after 14 years of marriage. While initially no reason was given for the split, sources said Persons Lange allegedly had an affair with the couple’s personal assistant, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, someone Twain considered one of his closest friends. “It is a multiple betrayal because it involves all the people around her, the people closest to her,” the source told the magazine. “She is in absolute shock.”

In an excerpt from his memoirs From this moment published by Spanish, Twain painted Thiébaud as a two-faced “temptress secretary” looking for gold and catching Lange. “I was disgusted that another woman’s desire for an improved lifestyle was worth the devastation of my family,” she wrote.

What Shania Twain will say if she ever meets the former best friend who ruined her marriage

When Shania Twain appeared in Andy Cohen & # 39; s Watch what happens live, she asked what she would say to Marie-Anne Thiébaud, her ex-friend and the new wife of Twain’s ex-husband. He didn’t have to think too much about what his words would be. “I wish I had never met you,” said Twain. She explained, “I think there are some people in life that you would say, ‘It would have been better not to have met that person.'”

Several years after the painful betrayal that ended their marriage, Twain told Cohen that he was in a much better place now and that he was not sorry.

In a interview with George StroumboulopoulosTwain admitted that the “tipping point” occurred when he realized that he had no control over what was happening in his life, with all the effort he had made to protect his privacy over the years. “It was written over all the tabloids, so it was humbling at the time for me,” he said.

How Shania Twain found the “courage to love again”

After ex-friend and personal assistant Marie-Anne Thiébaud’s romance with Robert “Mutt” Lange destroyed Shania Twain’s marriage, she found solace from the other wounded party to the situation: Thiébaud’s husband, Frederic Thiébaud. In a truly unexpected turn of events, Shania Twain and Frederic Thiébaud fell into love, and they were married in 2011 (through Persons)

Twain announced his engagement in a letter posted on his website in late 2010, as reported by PersonsPraising her fiancé as a “compassionate and understanding friend” when he needed him most. That friendship, he explained, became something richer and deeper.

However, she admitted that it was not easy for her to take the leap of faith necessary to trust another person after experiencing such devastating betrayal. “I am so grateful to have found the faith and the courage to love again, because the last thing you want to do when you are downcast is to love again,” said Twain, who is one of several singers who have really beautiful husbands, saying Persons in 2020. She continued, “I’m so glad that has changed for me, and that’s the relationship.”

How having a child helped Shania Twain survive the divorce

Shania Twain’s divorce from Robert “Mutt” Lange marked a particularly dark period for the Canadian singer, and she credits her son Eja for helping her survive. During an appearance in Kelly Clarkson’s showTwain explained how having a child forces a parent to be “disinterested,” adding that “what helps is that you’re not always so self-centered.”

Caring for a child while suffering the emotional trauma of an exceptionally painful separation, he added, “is very healthy … I don’t mean distraction, but concern that you love and enjoy.” She said parenting was “very helpful” during that time.

To illustrate his point, Twain shared a quote with the host. Kelly Clarkson that was relevant in helping her out of the darkness and out into the light. “You have to … survive to tell the story so the hunter doesn’t get glory,” he said. “Whatever has hit you or is challenging or weighing you down, you can’t let it win.”

Despite her hit song, Shania Twain is truly impressed by Brad Pitt

One of Shania Twain’s biggest hits is her 1997 single. “That Do not Impress Me Much” in which he reviews a list of things that he does not find so exciting. In the song, she mentions Brad Pitt, but has since insisted that she never wanted his track name to be a diss. As she said The Daily Telegraph& # 39; s Star Magazineshe is actually very impressed by Brad’s wonderful career, “and shared his hope that” he would take (his mention in the song) with the intended sense of humor. ”

In a 2017 interview with BillboardTwain revealed how Pitt came to be verified on the song. As she explained, while she and a friend were baking Christmas cookies, they were discussing revealing photos of the actor’s paparazzi that had been recently posted on Playgirl. I just thought ‘I don’t know what all this fuss is about.’ “Well that doesn’t impress me much, I mean what is all this fuss about,” he said. “We see naked people every day. That’s really what I thought. I wasn’t bothering Brad Pitt. … It could have been any beautiful guy.”

The health crisis that left Shania Twain fearing she would never sing again

In 2011, Shania Twain began to lose her voice, leading doctors to diagnose a vocal cord disorder and Lyme disease. “It was devastating,” said Twain. Sunday today, admitting that she found herself “crying” at the loss of her voice while undergoing two “invasive” open throat surgeries.

The experience was “very, very, very hard and I survived that, which means I emotionally survived,” he said. Extra. While surgeries saved her voice, they also changed her. SHe explained, “It was a great, great loss, so I had to agree to lose my voice and rediscover the new one.”

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In time she said Sunday today, she has come to appreciate her new voice. “It has given me more room to play, to be honest. I have gravel,” he said. Having accepted that he cannot get his old voice back, he shared that he finds the new one to be “sexy.”

Why Shania Twain describes her second marriage as “beautifully twisted”

Finding a new love with the former spouse of the person whose infidelity destroyed their marriage is not something that happens to everyone. After Shania Twain’s ex-best friend got married singer Robert “Mutt” Lange’s husband And Twain married that woman’s ex-husband, Twain admitted that he was well aware of how bizarre the exchange of wives seems from outside. In fact, in an interview with AARP The MagazineShe described her marriage to Frédéric Thiébaud as “twisted, but so beautifully twisted.”

Finding love again, he explained, is a demonstration of his survivor skills. “Survival is everything,” he declared. “I was in quicksand. I panicked, like everyone else, but I didn’t give up. I found a way out.”

Going through such a painful and public divorce, she now believes, made her better to cope with even when times get tough. “When you get older, you have a lot of experience falling and getting up,” he shared. “You are not going to stop falling. But you will improve by getting up and shaking yourself. I believe it. I have lived it.”

The surprising reason why Shania Twain is dazzled

No one would say that Shania Twain is one of the biggest music stars in the world. However, despite that great success and world fame, Twain admits that he often dazzles when he meets other celebrities. In a 2019 interview with TodaySavannah GuthrieTwain admitted that “she is not very good with the stars” and explained: “I feel really uncomfortable. I don’t know what to say.”

The reason for his dazzling reaction may be surprising to his fans. Twain said she is “very shy”, especially when she meets her famous peers. “I feel like I’m invading their space by being with them,” she confessed, sharing an anecdote about being “uncomfortable with Madonna” the first time she met the pop icon. With a smile, he added, “I never met Brad Pitt, but I know I will be awkward if I ever meet him.”

Guthrie asked Twain if his fans are ever amazed when they meet its. “They do, so I understand how it happens,” said Twain, revealing that his own shyness allows him to put himself in his shoes and understand what they are experiencing.

Shania Twain once received a $ 100 donation from this celebrity

When the time came to produce the video for Shania Twain’s second single, 1993 “Dance with the one who brought you” From his self-titled debut album, a famous fan offered his services as a director: actor Sean Penn. According to a passage in Shania Twain: the biography, the singer was literally jumping up and down “when he heard Penn had contacted his label asking him to direct his video.

Penn enlisted Oscar nominee actor Charles Durning for a role, adding to the power of the star supporting the rising Canadian singer, who was still largely unknown at the time. Penn was so in love with Twain, according to Shania Twain: the biographyHe suggested that, in addition to lip syncing, she also try acting in the video, which featured Durning and an older actress playing a couple in their golden years at a country-western barn dance. Twain and another actor played the couple in their youth.

How Weekly entertainment reported, Twain revealed in his memoirs From this moment that Penn gave her $ 100 to help her until her career took off. While the money was appreciated, she wrote, “I was embarrassed to receive a brochure like that.”

The reason why Shania Twain’s inheritance caused controversy

In most cases, a Canadian artist working in the United States requires a visa or green card. Shania Twain, however, was able to circumvent that requirement through Jay’s Treatise of 1794, which grants rights to Native Americans. Twain qualified, the newspaper noted Windspeaker in 1996 because it is legally registered as “Indian state” He claims to be 50 percent Aboriginal on the side of stepfather Jerry Twain, a thoroughbred Ojibway. His adoption by him noted WindspeakerIt allowed him to register as an “Indian state”, reporting that he was “on the official membership list of the Temagami First Nation gang.”

This eventually caused a bit of a fuss. Twain said her mother had always claimed that her biological father, Clarence Edwards, had native blood; However, Edwards’ family denied this, saying they were French and Irish. Twain was accused of being less direct about her inheritance, and critics believe that she should not have included Jerry Twain as her father in her application. Twain responded with a statement insisting that Jerry Twain, who died alongside his mother in a 1987 car accident, would have been called “stepfather” as “the worst slap in the face.” He also wanted to make clear to the native community that “I have not lied to them.”

Shania Twain made her film debut alongside John Travolta

Shania Twain burst onto the music scene in the 1990s, but it would be more than two decades before she debuted on the big screen, starring alongside John Travolta in the 2019 movie. Commercial paint. In the film, Travolta plays car driver Sam Munroe, with Twain as his girlfriend, Becca. “Well it’s fun and it feels really natural,” said Twain. ET Canada acting in a film, crediting the Grease star for helping her conquer her nervousness. “I thought I was going to be really intimidated,” she added.

Although the film did not leave a big mark, Twain received good reviews in a film that was criticized by others. Hollywood reporterfor example ridiculed Commercial paint like “melodrama cornpone” but noted Twain’s “charming acting debut”. the Los Angeles Times she had a similar opinion, dismissing the film as “tasteless” while praising Twain for “warmly inhabiting a thankless role as Travolta’s supportive girlfriend.”

The Twain co-star was also full of praise. “I think Shania was born to be in the movie,” said Travolta. ET Canada. “His videos are impressive, but I think this is such a beautiful role.”

Shania Twain took charge of her 2017 album … the first in 15 years!

When Shania Twain released her 2017 album Now, 15 long years had passed since its previous release, Above! That album, like many of her others, had been produced by her ex-husband and music collaborator Robert “Mutt” Lange. His high-profile divorce had been well documented by the tabloids, and Twain suffered another intestinal stroke when he was diagnosed with vocal cord disorder dysphonia, which required invasive surgery and extensive therapy.

While Lange was directing his previous albums, Twain took control of Now, working with various producers and writing all the songs herself. After all those years collaborating with his ex, he found himself in unknown territory. “Now all of a sudden I’m alone. I’m starting again. And I don’t know where to start,” she said. Rolling Stone. She added: “I just don’t know what to do. I was lost.”

The turning point, he said, came when he started sharing the songs he had been writing with others. She recalled, “The responses were really powerful and I thought, ‘You know what, I’m going to try to do this alone. I will write down the most honest experiences and emotions I can in these songs.’

The advice Shania Twain would give to her 26-year-old self

Shania Twain was asked by Refinery29 what advice would she give herself when she was 26, and had a lot of suggestions to offer. Never, ever put cake on your mascara, “she said, adding a few hair tips.” Keep the ends cut off, “he declared.” Once they start, they never stop. “And, in hindsight, she wished she’d run out of bra more often. She followed that up with a little bit of wise advice on diet and exercise.” Eat right, take care of yourself, and whatever weight you leave accept, “she said.

The singer, who is just one of many stars of the country that are now unrecognizableHe also shared some thoughts of a more philosophical nature. “Listen more than you speak and then apply what you learn,” he said. But perhaps his most important recommendation was “don’t be afraid” and “dare to be yourself”. She continued: “There is only one you, so be you.”


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