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10 Plus-Size Models Who Look As Good As Victoria’s Secret Girls


For quite a long time, the style business concentrated on amazingly thin and tall models with about improbable extents. As society has changed, new faces have shown up on the fronts of magazines and showing the most recent in design. Larger size models will be models that reach from size eight or more. Thrilling and excellent, these models are standing firm and making themselves known. Distributions like Vogue have just as of late seen the capability of these shocking models as they work their way to the nearby top models of all sizes and shapes.  In an industry that tends to support the tall and meager, it’s invigorating to see plus-size models likewise elegance the pages of magazines and strut their stuff on the catwalk. Brilliant and wonderful, these models have battled back against the disgrace. Here’s a list of the sexiest plus size women who became famous.

Ashley Graham


Originally from Nebraska, Ashley has been modeling since 2001. Amusingly, she had a start at the age of 12 years after being discovered in a shopping mall. After signing with Ford Models in 2003, she appeared on covers of Glamour, Vogue and many other fashion magazines.

Fluvia Lacerda


After making her Italian debut with Vogue in 2012, this plus-sized Brazilian model aged 35, ruled the fashion world. She was initially discovered in 2003 while riding a bus in New York during her way to her work as a Nanny. Since then, she started traveling across the globe and the rest is history.

Whitney Thompson

Whitney Thompson plus size women

She has covered the Jacksonville Magazine three times after her debut in Florida. Ain’t it amazing? We all know her relatively well as she has been a part of the TV Show, “America’s next top model.” Despite the criticism at the start of being fake, she won the competition and became an ambassador of American’s national eating disorders association.

Tess Holiday

Tess Holiday

Being born as Ryann Maegen Hoven, Tess is from Mississippi. In 2010, she started his career by involving with Indie designers. She’s known for being body positive and the Instagram hashtag “#Effyourbeautystandards” in 2013.

The next model’s life took a turn when she went to a mall to do some shopping, like any other day. Her plus-size works as a catalyst to reflect her beauty. Click next to check her out. 

Candice Huffine

source: dailydigs.com

Born in Washington D.C, Candice started modeling part-time for money when she was in high school till she moved to New York for a full-time career. Her most notable campaign was in the year of 2011 where she appeared on Vogue Italia cover with Robyn Lawley and Tara Lynn. She also catwalks in fashion shows for Isabel Toledo.

I couldn’t select one most beautiful image of the next model. The next model is looking damn gorgeous in the ed bikini in the NEXT image. 

Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn plus size model

Tara Lynn plus size model

Now 26-year-old, Tara grew up in Washington doing petty jobs before walking into a modeling agency. She revealed that she was always uncomfortable with her size until she appeared on the cover of Elle, which changed her perception about body image. Now, she fronts H&M’s swimwear campaign.

The last model in the list is the MOST BEAUTIFUL of all the above in a different way which you will get to know when you navigate to the next page. 

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley plus model celebritiesInterestingly, Robyn has begun her modeling career as a regular size model and found the regulations a bit constricting. Instead, at 18, she signed as a plus-size model. Apart from appearing on Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan, she’s the first plus-size model to be shot for Vogue Australia under Ralph Lauren.

As you have gone through the list of the most beautiful plus-sized models, it’s evident that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. In case if you’re suffering from somebody image disorder or are uncomfortable about your body; it’s high time to draw some inspiration from these models and start embracing your voluptuous curves instead. If you know any other models that are not listed here, comment in the comment section so that we can add them up. Have a good day!


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