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Scotland challenges the UK with independence


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The Chief Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Nicola sturgeon, affirmed today that are “ready” to become independent from the UK and he cited several polls showing majority support for the Scottish split.

“Scotland is poised to take our position in the global family of independent nations. Support for independence is increasing and this year has become the majority and constant point of view in the public opinion “, celebrated Sturgeon in his intervention quoted by the news agency Tlam.

According to the reading of the SNP, the independence cause grows in Scotland since the conservative Boris johnson seized control of the UK Government in July 2019 and then won a large majority in the Westminster Parliament.

The realization of Brexit last January and the coronavirus crisis they also drove the separatist cause, according to the formation’s analysis.

Thus, a majority of Scottish residents favor independence in almost all opinion polls conducted in recent months. The average for the “s” to independence is around 54%, although a poll yielded in October a result of 58% in favor of the constitutional breakdown.

The “no” won the historic independence referendum of 2014 by a majority of 55% against 45%. Two years later, 62% of the Scottish electorate voted against withdrawing from the European Union (EU) compared to 52% who supported Brexit in the UK as a whole.

“The population of Scotland you have the right to choose your future“, claimed the nationalist leader in her welcome speech.

Sturgeon thus issued a new challenge to Prime Minister Johnson, who opposes to a second separatist plebiscite.

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