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Sana Khan Shared Video From Kashmir Talks About Winter Video Viral On Internet – Sana Khan shared video from Kashmir, Bolin

Sana Khan ने कश्मीर से शेयर किया Video, बोलीं- आपकी तो मौत है भाई...

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Sana Khan shared video from Kashmir, said-

Sana Khan’s video went viral

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  • Sana Khan shared video
  • Talk about Kashmir’s cold
  • Video is becoming fiercely viral on social media

new Delhi:

Actress Sana Khan has reached Kashmir after her marriage for a holiday with her husband Mufti Anas. Sana Khan is continuously sharing her photos and videos with fans from Kashmir. Recently, he has shared a video from his Instagram stories. In this video, Sana Khan Video is talking about the cold of Kashmir. In the video, she is saying, “The rest may not be anything but if the boss is not this. If you have death, brother. It is so cold like crazy here.” People are getting a lot of reaction on this video of Sana Khan.

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It can be seen in the video that Sana Khan is wearing a black color burqa. Let me tell you, Sana Khan left the film industry last month and made his move on the path of religion. He gave this information through his Instagram post. With this, Sana Khan got married to religious leader Mufti Anas.


Please tell that Sana Khan (Sana Khan) and Anas Sayied married on 20 November. Sharing the post, the actress wrote: “Loved each other for Allah, married for Allah, may Allah keep us together in this world and reunite in paradise.” According to media reports, Sana’s husband is a religious teacher. The sudden pictures of their marriage surprised the fans.

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