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Ryan Murphy teases season 10 and spin-off of his terrifying series


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American Horror Story season 10 is expected as the Grail. While filming for the next season has barely started, Ryan Murhpy throws a hint on Twitter.

American Horror Story has no less than nine seasons, all different, or almost, since season 8 is a direct sequel to season 3. The principle of American Horror Story is simple: take back what scares us the most and make a perfect horror series! Each actor returns as different characters throughout the seasons, and season 10 is coming soon!

Sure enough, the shooting has finally started! As the theories around this next season kept escalating, Ryan Murphy shared a first poster. Thus, we can discover a wide open mouth revealing sharp teeth, and a tongue on which is tattooed “AHS 10 FX”. All accompanied by this sentence: ” Look carefully. “

But some remembered the photo Ryan Murphy posted on his account Instagram. A pair of hands clinging to a mound of earth and twigs, accompanied by the caption: ” Things are starting to be washed up by the sea. So that would mean that it could well be sirens. But, another question remains: why this tattooing hand? We will therefore have to wait for this famous season 10 to have the answer!

In addition, Ryan Murphy also released a poster of his spin-off, American Horror Stories. Each episode of this spin-off will be independent, and will explore all the horror of urban legends, myths and folklore from around the world.

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