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Russian businessman Yevgeny Lebedev to become a peer | News from Germany about Europe | DW


Russian-born entrepreneur Yevgeny Lebedev, owner of the British newspapers The Evening Standard and The Independent, will become a peer and become a member of the 800 members of the House of Lords (upper house) of the British Parliament by the decision of Queen Elizabeth II. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday, July 31, announced a list of 36 names of lifelong peers who are elevated to the rank of baron, but cannot inherit the title.

According to British media reports, Johnson was repeatedly seen in an informal setting with a Russian businessman. For example, in 2019, the British newspaper The Guardian described in detail a party during one of the weekends, when the prime minister was staying at the Lebedev castle in Perugia, Italy, converted into a country estate.

Lebedev was granted British citizenship in October 2010. His father, Alexander Lebedev, once worked at the Soviet embassy in London, and as a child, the future businessman went to a British school. Until 1991, Lebedev Sr. worked in the central office of the first department of the KGB of the USSR. Alexander Lebedev was also suspected of sponsoring the Brexit-based Conservative Party.

The list includes the Prime Minister’s brother and husband of Theresa May

Along with Lebedev, the list presented by Johnson includes the Prime Minister’s brother Joe Johnson, who had previously left the government of the country because of disagreement with the views of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers on “Brexit”, former finance ministers Philip Hammond and Ken Clark, as well as the husband of ex-Prime Minister Teresa May – Philip.

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