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Rochak news: Which is the city where clocks do not have 12?


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People keep a watch with them to see the time and we all know that our watch has 1 to 12 digits. But there is also a city in the world where clocks do not have 12 digits. That is, it never shows 12 o’clock here. You must have been surprised to hear this, but this is true.

We should talk about the people of Switzerland and Solothurn are so crazy behind number 11, they have not kept 12 digits in their watches. Actually, all the clocks in this city of Switzerland are such that only 11 are numbered in it.

There is a story attached to it. According to the story- the people of Solorthan used to work very hard, but even after hard work, they were unhappy in their lives. Then an elf came from the hills of this city. He started encouraging people. Due to which happiness started coming into the life of the people. The stories implied that the elf had supernatural powers. In the German language, the elf means 11, so the people of Solorthan started associating each work with eleven. That is why only up to 11 marks are kept in the watches there.

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