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‘Riverdale’ actress battled pedophilia as FBI double agent


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The experience of Marisol Nichols will soon be the subject of a series.

A double life led by a master hand. Known on stage to have played Hermione in Riverdale or Nadia Yassir in 24 Hours chrono, Marisol Nichols was also … an active agent for the FBI. His (real) role in American service? Dismantle pedophile networks and child sex trafficking organizations, report it Huffington Post.

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It was Marisol Nichols herself who confessed while the site Deadline teaches us that his own life will be brought to the screen by Sony Pictures Television, the new rights owner. In an interview with Marie Claire, The 46-year-old American said she had been hired in 2012 by the FBI, just as her career was taking off. Her mission was to pass herself off as a mother who wanted to prostitute her 12-year-old child through a system of baiting (bait, Editor’s note) well run. Over the past five years, his undercover work has reportedly hooked up half a dozen pedophiles. The actress should be the co-producer of this series which already addresses the best Hollywood scenarios.


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