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Rihanna Tweeted in Support of Farmers Protest International Celebritie


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New Delhi The Farmers Protest is now visible not only in India but also in many countries of the world. In the last few days, it seems that now this movement is becoming an international issue. Recently US pop singer Rihanna had a tweet on her Twitter account supporting the farmers. What was it then? Many celebs from around the world are now seen raising their voice about the farmers movement. However, after Rihanna’s tweet, many Bollywood celebrities gave him a befitting reply, but this voice does not seem to be decreasing.

Farmers have been staging a sit-in protest for the last 2 months in protest against the agricultural law. However, no agreement has been reached between the government and the farmers so far. Now this voice of farmers from India is echoing all over the world. After Rihanna, Indian activist Lisipria Kangjuam has also come out in support of the peasant movement. Lisipria works in the environment and reacts to the tweet of the UN General Secretary, tweeting support to farmers.

Please tell that Lysipria has come in the limelight even before this. She has refused to accept the honor being given by PM Modi. In addition to Lisipria, Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg has also tweeted supporting the farmers. He wrote – We are with the peasant movement of India. Greta Thunberg has spoken on India’s issues many times before.

After Rihanna’s tweet, a different support is being seen on the conversation on farmers at the international level. Rihanna tweeted and wrote- Why are we not talking about farmers now #FarmersProtest. After Rihanna’s tweet, the farmer movement had been trending on Twitter for a long time.

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