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Relegation second leg: Werder celebrate relegation – fans riot


Heidenheim / Bremen (dpa) – The relentless analysis initially failed. Long after the happy end of a “catastrophe season” (coach Florian Kohfeldt) Marco Bode stood with a beer in his hand in the stands of the Heidenheim arena.

A mixture of relief and exhaustion was not only evident in the face of the Werder Bremen supervisory board chairman. The Bremen team still want to treat themselves to a few hours of joy about staying in the Bundesliga. “Then comes the analytical part,” announced the obviously flat Kohfeldt after the 2-2 in the relegation second leg at 1. FC Heidenheim. “It will come – and it is incredibly important for Werder Bremen in the future.” There are already a number of questions.

Probably the most important one: How is Kohfeldt going to continue? The 37-year-old initially left his future open. “We will not change the schedule. We will sit down over the next few days and discuss what is best for Werder.” By the end of this week, the management and the supervisory board want to consult with Kohfeldt about whether to continue or end the collaboration. Research into the causes should take significantly longer.

Bremen’s sports director Frank Baumann wants to continue working with the coach. “We have always expressed confidence in Florian, even in difficult times. Florian showed in a very difficult season that he can handle such situations. I am still absolutely convinced of Flo. There are no questions for me,” said Baumann the “Weser Courier”. Baumann went on to assume that Kohfeldt would also like to remain a coach after the messed up season with a happy ending. “He has a contract. We all know that there are ups and downs. But Florian has enough strength and power to tackle the new season with all conviction.”

In the coming days, a binding decision will be made on the trainer question. First, the Werder managers will analyze the season and advise on what needs to change. “We will discuss all of this internally in the next few days and communicate to the outside world at the end of the week,” said Baumann.

How did this desolate season come about? Why were there so many injuries in the beginning? Why did the team look anything but fit? And why did almost all newcomers lag behind the demands? With a view to the coming season, not only because of the Corona crisis, will there be hardly any money to comprehensively correct the mistakes in the squad planning. Due to the remaining class, the multi-million dollar purchase commitments for Ömer Toprak or Leonardo Bittencourt come into play.

First of all, the Werder managers want to take a deep breath. Midfielder Davy Klaassen and his team-mates made it “a great relief” that 31 points were enough to relegate to relegation. The same happened to Kohfeldt, who looked ahead after the late redemption. “There can be no” keep it up “and there will be no” keep it up “, that is perfectly clear,” said the coach. “But we can celebrate today.”

After the riots during the relegation celebrations, the police are evaluating video recordings of the events. Rioters had thrown bottles and firecrackers on the night of Tuesday when they wanted to keep things tidy and, among other things, to ensure compliance with hygiene regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic. The police opened preliminary proceedings and filed criminal charges, as a spokeswoman for the German Press Agency said. Attackers had thrown the officers “anonymously” out of the crowd, she explained.

Werder fans had celebrated peacefully. “No more second division,” the fans sang after the relegation return. Numerous people had followed the game in front of and in the bars near the Weser Stadium. In the course of the evening, the “district” in Bremen was always full. Hundreds of Werder fans danced on the street. According to police, up to 700 people are said to have gathered at an intersection alone.

After midnight, the mood of some people then turned, according to a police announcement. A pedestrian was hit by a bottle during the riots. The man had to be hospitalized for a head injury. Rescue workers are said to have been kicked by fans when they tried to break a police chain. The police used irritant gas against them.


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