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Regrowth in France with almost 1,400 new cases of covid in one day


He Government of france confirmed today the contagion of about 1,400 cases of coronavirus during the last day and alerted to a number of infections “on the rise and over a thousand” during the last days.

He Ministry of Health It was detailed that during the last 24 hours, 1,377 new infections and 16 deaths, which places the totals in 186,573 and 30,254, respectively, since the start of the pandemic, reported Europa Press.

It has also pointed out that there are currently 5,375 people hospitalized, 75 less than the previous day, with 381 in intensive care units, this is one more square than Wednesday.

Furthermore, the authorities are investigating 151 outbreaks, ten more than during the previous day.

The circulation of the virus is sustained, with a number of daily cases on the rise and more than a thousand, “said the authorities in their statement, which details that the number of infections increased 78 percent during the last week.

In this sense, the text highlighted that “Quick and important efforts are needed” and underlined the need to “act individually and collectively to stop this active viral spread while respecting the national strategy”, which includes the use of a mask and social distancing, among others.



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