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My Girl: Top rated and realistic Movie of Hollywood


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My Girl

American comedy drama film, ‘My Girl’ is directed by Howard Zieff. This is the story of an 11 year pretty girl, Vada, and her family members. Anna chlumsky, a newbie in the industry beautifully played the character of Vada. The story of this movie depicts the bitter realities of life.

Cast of the movie

  • Anna chlumsky as Vada Margaret
  • Dan aykroyd as Harry Sultenfuss
  • Jamie lee as Shelly Devoto
  • Ann nelson as gramoo

Smart, curious, Vada, lives in a gloomy world as she lost her mother, right after two days of her birth. Her mother died during child birth. Harry, father of Vada, is the director of funeral house as he runs a funeral house. Harry constantly ignores her daughter, Vada, and Vada has obsession with death as all the funerals of the town are handled in vada’s home.

Grandmother of Vada, remains silent all day long as she is the patient of Alzheimer’s disease. Vada’s grandmother have mood swings, one time she is at silent mode and at  the very next moment ,she  start singing 40 year old songs.

Vada, daughter of harry is in intense depression, she is in fear of undiagnosed medical situation called Hypochondriaces, although she is normal. She pays regular visit to her family doctor yet, she has not any disease except of stress and depression.

Vada and her teacher has a strong bonding relation, who lives down the street, they both discuss the realities of life. Vada has a crush on her teacher, who lives down the street.

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Harry father of vada, hired a new cosmetologist and vada is jealous of her, as she in fear that his father might will marry this new cosmetologist. Harry, father of Vada, constantly ignores her daughter and remain busy in his duties. Vada is very depressed due to unconsciousness of his father. The whole story depicts the bitter realities of life.

In short, Vada’s whole life is gloomy and challenging but she learnt a lot from her life challenges. Her life, made her brave, prepared her to deal every problem of her life.

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