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Reader photos # 319 – Samsung Galaxy A8 in Abaetetuba (PA)


The Photos of Readers series is one of the readers’ favorite columns on the site. She grew up showered with beautiful images sent by you, friends, followers, faithful companions of TudoCelular.

The column started timidly, back in 2014, and since then it has been giving good results to the site and the viewers.

We thank the company in these years that have passed, and the patience in busier weeks in which we ended up failing to meet the schedule. Enjoy another edition – I mean, before that take a spin in the past dispute to see the devices that participated – and enjoy the moment.

How to participate: send your photo to us!

Click here to send an email with your photos (insert name, where you took the photo and which smartphone you used or copy our email and attach the images:

We do not accept images with EXIF ​​removed, printed names or any watermarks.

Most voted last week

  • 1st Leonardo Victor Melo – Samsung Galaxy A8 (22.7% of the votes)
  • 2nd Guilherme de Moura Campos – Huawei P30 Pro (18.5% of the votes)
  • 3rd Ozeas Alves – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (14.5% of the votes)

Curious about the other smartphones participating in the previous edition? Just check out edition 318.

Cell phone that captured the winning photo


Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018

Compare Expand

Samsung updates Galaxy A5 (2017), J2 (2017), A8 (2018) and Tab A 10.5 with new security packages

8 months agoSamsung continues its constant work to bring the latest protection against viruses and threats to mobile devices.

Updating intermedi

9 months agoUpdate has been made available to some markets and brings the latest security patch from Samsung

Samsung releases May patch for Galaxy A5 (2017)

1 year agoUpdate fixes critical Android and Samsung flaws.

Samsung Galaxy S7, A5 (2017) and A8 (2018) receive the update

1 year agoSamsung releases an official security update for a number of devices in the Galaxy family.

More News

Don’t forget to participate this week by sending as many photos as you want, but remember disable watermark which delivers which device is used.

New participants

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Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

Vote for the best photo of this edition

Select the photo you found best by checking the option below the image and then scroll to the end of the poll to select the button Submit. Wait for the confirmation message that your vote has been successfully registered. Remembering that only one vote per account is allowed.

Tips for sending well (you can send more than one photo)

  • Try to frame the elements that will be present in the photograph, use guidelines if possible;
  • Keep the horizon straight so it doesn’t look like the scene is falling;
  • Use the smartphone’s manual focus when touching the screen;
  • Pay attention to everything that is in the background of the image;
  • Clean the camera lens before capturing the photo;
  • Avoid using digital zoom;
  • Keep your hands very steady when taking the picture;
  • Use and abuse of good lighting;
  • Capture the scenario more than once to get the best result;
  • Choose unique angles;
  • Effects are part of photography, but beware of excesses;
  • Play around with the options that the camera app offers;
  • Send the photo (s) to [email protected] with your name, smartphone and local;
  • Have a good time!


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