Ravi Katpadi

Ravi Katpadi is a construction worker and a social worker who has devoted more than 9 years of his life to collect funds and use them to pay for the healthcare of those who are in dire need of medical assistance such as treatment for heart diseases, cancer, eye problems, and for those who are suffering from any sort of skin diseases.


Ravi Katpadi was born in the year 1983 (age 37 years; as of 2020) in Udupi, Karnataka. Ravi has studied till Class 9, after which he had to quit school to earn money and support his family. Ravi works as daily wage labor in construction and he earns up to Rs. 450 to Rs. 550 per day.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 6″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Ravi Katpadi

Ravi Katpadi getting ready for the costume

Family & Caste

There is not much information available about Ravi Katpadi’s family.

Social Work

Ravi is a part of a group of artists who display their art on the occasion of various festivals appearing in different mythological and folklore characters. Ravi has been participating in this practice for the past few years to entertain people. However, in 2013, Ravi realized that he can use this money to help those who need financial help. He saw an ad on TV where a woman was in dire need of money for the treatment of her daughter. Ravi decided to collect funds on the occasion of Shri Krishna Janamashtmi and give those to the woman. He got into a costume and went from door-to-door all over the district to collect funds. The celebrations went on for two days and in those two days, Ravi and his team collected Rs. 1,04,810 which he further gave to the woman for her daughter’s treatment. The next year he collected Rs. 3,65,000 and so on, his collection from funds kept increasing. Several crowdfunding platforms like MILAAP and Ketto have come forward to help him in his initiative. MILAAP made a documentary titled ‘Ravi Katpadi, A Kind-hearted Monster’ and they collected Rs. 16,80,000. Over the years, Ravi has donated more than Rs. 52 lakhs for the cause and he has helped more than 28 children.

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  • Rajyotsava Award in 2017
  • Yuva Seva Award
  • 6th Moolathva Vishwa Award in 2020

Ravi Katpadi receiving the 6th Moolathva Vishwa Award in 2020


  • Ravi works with different teams of people where one team looks after the costume work, one team takes care of the logistics, and the last team finds the causes to which the money can be donated.
  • For every outfit Ravi wears, he needs at least 24 hours to get ready and during that time, he is only allowed to drink coconut water and juices for the next three days. The excessive use of oil on his body has caused skin rashes and the toxins have caused ruptures on his skin. Ravi ignored this and said-

    It takes me 24 hours to get ready. I sip tender coconut water and other juices during these three days as I can’t eat anything. There were times when I have developed skin rashes from the paint that is used on my body, but I don’t mind it as it is for a good cause. Growing up, I saw a lot of struggle and hardship. It’s painful to see children suffer, which is why I continue to support or provide for them”

  • The expenditure of the costumes used by Ravi during these festivals is taken care of by him and his friends. The most expensive outfit worn by Ravi was ‘The Amazing Monster’ for which was exported from the US and they paid Rs. 40,000 for the outfit.
    Ravi Katpadi wearing 'The Amazing Monster' costume

    Ravi Katpadi wearing ‘The Amazing Monster’ costume

  • In 2020, Ravi took permission from the deputy commissioner of the district to wear the outfit and spread awareness regarding the coronavirus pandemic. He didn’t collect any funds during this drive.
    Ravi Katpadi in his costume during his drive to spread awareness about the coronavirus

    Ravi Katpadi in his costume during his drive to spread awareness about the coronavirus


  • On 15 January 2021, Ravi Katpadi featured on the Karam Veer special episode of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ along with Anupam Kher.
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