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Queen Elizabeth lives an incredibly luxurious life

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth lives an incredibly luxurious life

Queen Elizabeth is arguably one of the richest and most powerful women in the world. It is reportedly worth a staggering $ 530 million, according to Forbes. She is the matriarch of the British royal family, which is valued at an even more mind-boggling figure: $ 88 billion, as reported by Forbes.

The queen’s lifestyle certainly reflects her enormous wealth. How the oldest monarch in the worldShe has easy access to benefits like luxury cars, spacious palaces, and sparkling tiaras. Servants are always available to place their orders and carry out some contentious ones ridiculous jobsHow to organize your stamp collection and supervise all the swans that live in the River Thames, technically owned by the Queen.

Yes, Queen Elizabeth’s life is incredibly luxurious and obviously far Than normal. Do you want more details? Read on to find out what kind of cars he likes to drive, how many palaces he owns, and how many diamonds are on his crown (it’s even more than you think!).

Queen Elizabeth’s main house has 78 bathrooms

Queen Elizabeth’s base of operations is Buckingham Palace in London. It is technically in the City of Westminster, a city of London. According to Country Country, the grand palace has 775 rooms in total. Woohoo! Of those rooms, 78 are bathrooms.

You can even take a tour of some parts of the palace. The main feature of the summer tours at the palace are the state rooms, of which there are 19, as reported by the tourism site Visit London. These are the rooms where the queen spends time with those she houses. There is also a huge bronze staircase, called the Grand Staircase, with elaborate carvings. The palace is filled with expensive works of art, fine china, and clocks. In fact, there are so many analog watches that there are two full-time workers (conservative watchmakers) who wind them up and take care of them.

In addition to these features, Buckingham Palace is also home to lush, expansive gardens. According to Visit London, there is even a lake on the property that spans about three acres. The gardens outside the palace are naturally used to organize parties in Queen Elizabeth’s garden. Hello! magazine reported that these holidays bring 30,000 people annually.

One of Queen Elizabeth’s tiaras contains almost one hundred rubies.

One of Queen Elizabeth’s most enviable things is her huge collection of priceless jewelry. Tiaras are especially charming as they are associated with being a member of royalty. The queen has many tiaras, to be sure, but one in particular contains a Awesome Number of precious stones.

According to Harper’s BazaarQueen Elizabeth’s Burmese Ruby tiara features a whopping 96 rubies About Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince philipMyanmar (then Burma) sent them to the royal couple as a wedding gift. Although that was in the 1940s, he didn’t tie them to a tiara until the 1970s.

However, if you think it is impressive, you should know that she also has a crown with more than 2,000 diamonds, as well as other gems, as reported by Marie Claire. It is the Imperial State Crown that has historically been used for coronations, including that of the queen, since the 1930s. And, apparently, the monarch maintains those brilliant diamonds by wearing Geneva, as revealed by her royal dressing room, Angela Kelly. Kelly told the Daily mail who uses a mixture of alcohol and water to shine the Queen’s jewels. Who knows?

Queen Elizabeth travels the world

Being the queen means that Queen Elizabeth travels a lot for diplomatic duties. Her first trip as queen was to Kenya in 1952, the year she became the monarch of England. According to Reader’s Summary, she has been in more than 120 countries during her reign. His apparent favorite is Canada, which is the place he has visited the most; she stopped at least 27 times. As part of the CommonwealthCanada technically falls under his rule.

However, it may surprise you that Queen Elizabeth cannot choose where to go on a trip. That is up to the UK government, which makes decisions depending on how safe a potential visit would be. It turns out that even the Queen of England, and, you know, Canada, can’t do everything she wants.

However, she make fly without a passport, as reported by Reader’s Summary. British passports are issued in the queen’s name, so she does not need one herself to travel. Luck!

Queen Elizabeth’s second palace has so many rooms.

If you thought Buckingham Palace was impressive, you might be surprised by another royal family home: Windsor Castle. It is one of the kingdoms six residences, according Country Country. The publication reported in 2017 that it is “the largest occupied castle in the world”. According to Reader & # 39; s Digest Canada, the castle has around 1,000 rooms. A one thousand! It’s hard to imagine living in such a big house.

The house also has a rich history. The media outlet stated that the British royal family has lived in it for about a millennium, making it “the oldest continuously occupied castle in the world”. As for Queen Elizabeth’s story at Windsor Castle, she lived there a bit growing up. Reader & # 39; s Digest Canada She reported that she and her sister Princess Margaret took refuge there during the London bombings during World War II.

However, the story there is not entirely bleak. Windsor Castle has also hosted royal weddings, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. As of October 2018, a total of 17 weddings have been held at the castle, the official website of the British royal family confirmed. That it is A beautiful place after all.

Queen Elizabeth loves the bags of this designer brand

What woman would not use her wealth to buy? luxury brand handbags? Queen Elizabeth certainly does. She has been a fan of the high-end brand Launer. Country Country She reported that her mother gave the then princess her first Launer bag in the 1950s and has been hooked ever since. The Queen Mother was a fan of the brand and Queen Elizabeth still has her mother’s Launer bags. Launer London CEO Gerald Bodmer told the site that Queen Elizabeth has 200 brand handbags. You can see one in most of the photos taken from it.

However, the queen’s love for the brand doesn’t come cheap. They can cost up to $ 2,346 per bag, as established by Good Housekeeping. However, that is a great change to a queen. Furthermore, they are more than just bags for her; she uses them as a code for her helpers. According to TodayThe queen will move her bag from her left arm to her right as a signal to her staff that she wants to get out of a conversation. Furtive!

Queen Elizabeth travels by royal plane and train

Queen Elizabeth You have access to a private plane for travel, which you need to use frequently. To get where he is going, use the Royal Air Force Voyager aircraft, as reported by CNBC. Government officials and the rest of the royal family also have access to this plane. However, transporting those select few is not the only job on the plane. It is also used to refuel other RAF aircraft.

These trips made by the queen and others royalty They are not cheap and are paid for by the tax money of British citizens, as indicated Country Country. The exception is when the queen travels to another country within the Commonwealth. In those cases, the country you visit finances your travels.

The monarch is also no stranger to taking the train. She uses one each year to travel to the Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Historically, royalty members spend Christmas there, and for those trips, she opts for a commercial train. That said, a real train make exists. Called the Royal Train, it is reserved for, you guessed it, royalty. Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle We took a trip together in 2018, although it was priced high at over $ 26,000 as reported by the magazine.

Queen Elizabeth has several private chefs.

According to Darren McGrady, the queen’s former chef, he had to travel the world for his work. He said The Seattle Times He explained that he was not willing to pay the salary, which is not necessarily impressive. Rather, he took the position because it is a “very prestigious job.” He had to be prepared to cook for many people when the queen was a hostess, which was frequent. McGrady revealed that Queen Elizabeth is a little bit risky in her eating – she doesn’t deviate from what she likes. She also revealed that she loves chocolate and Special K cereal. Right now. that we can relate to

A 2020 job posting by Royal Household looking for a new chef mentioned the benefits of cooking for the queen, which comes with 33 days of vacation a year, as reported by Food and wine. You can even live in Buckingham Palace if you want, which will include your meals, but that comes out of your paycheck. He also claimed that the job required knowledge of French cuisine, enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth. We’re a little jealous that she has people who cook decadent food for her all the time.

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Queen Elizabeth owns race horses

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the queen owns her own racehorses. She goes to horse racing often and even travels to Kentucky to visit stallion farms there. However, his love for horses is not recent. Reader’s Summary She reported that she rode a horse for the first time when she was just three years old and got her first pony when she was four years old (every girl’s dream gift, right?). The publication also stated that Queen Elizabeth not only watches the horses run, but also rides them. Although, you know, not while they run. That would be great though.

The queen’s hobby has managed to earn her a lot of money. As of 2017, he had racked up $ 9.4 million from more than 450 races won by his racehorses, according to Reader’s Summary. John Warren, the Queen’s career adviser, said The Telegraph“If the Queen weren’t the Queen, she would have been a wonderful trainer. She has a great affinity for horses and is very perceptive.”

Queen Elizabeth owns multiple luxury cars

Queen reportedly he likes to drive, although she doesn’t go far. It can be seen driving to the church or on the grounds of his estate, according to Country Country. Despite staying local, she has Many vehicle options. In the photos, the queen is often depicted behind the wheel of her Range Rover, but sometimes you’ll also see royalty riding in a Jaguar.

Queen Elizabeth also has a Bentley State limousine, according to Country Country. It was specially made for its 2002 Golden Jubilee so viewers could see it better. But, that’s not your only Bentley. The car brand allowed him to buy the first Bentley Bentayga when it came out in 2015, as stated by Business Insider. It is the most expensive SUV in the world, but you can certainly afford it. It’s also the fastest SUV out there, so who knows, maybe the queen likes to burn rubber around her property. We will not judge him.

Queen Elizabeth’s fine art collection is huge

Queen Elizabeth has so much art that she has an employee whose only job is to take care of everything. The post is called Surveyor of the Queen & # 39; s Pictures and is filled by Desmond Shawe-Taylor, according to Reader’s Summary.

The Queen’s variety of art, known as the Royal Collection, includes around a million paintings, books, furniture, etc. Although this collection is not technically the property of Queen Elizabeth herself, “he is confident of her as Sovereign to his successors and to the nation.” the Royal Collection site explained. So basically it’s hers until the end of her life.

According to The GuardianSome of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings are part of this epic collection, and while some of the artwork is archived, other pieces are on display in royal residences. The site also mentions that thousands upon thousands of pieces from the Royal Collection have been loaned to galleries and museums. However, you don’t have to travel to England to see some of the art for yourself. The Royal Collection Trust website It has a lot that you can see online.

Queen Elizabeth has bridesmaids to place her order

Bridesmaids look like something out of historical drama, but they’re still one thing. Queen Elizabeth she has ladies he has chosen to help her, according to Royal Household (via The national archives) In their position, they help Queen Elizabeth with her correspondence. The ladies also go to events with the Queen and travel abroad with her. Reader’s Summary He reported that he generally travels with two bridesmaids.

Although they are there to help, you are not always patient with them. While I was in Cambridge to plant a tree with the national institute of agricultural botanyShe was somewhat short with her lady-in-waiting. As she walked to the place where she was going to plant the tree, she remembered that she still had her purse on her arm. As seen in a video shared by Cosmopolitan, The queen said curtly to her lady, “Can you take that? I can’t do both.” It is not easy to work for one of the most powerful women in the world!

Queen Elizabeth’s summer home is worth more than $ 100 million

Balmoral Castle, the castle of Queen Elizabeth in Scotland, is worth $ 140 million, according to Forbes. She spends part of her summer there every year, as indicated Country Country and reportedly his favorite place of residence. Queen’s granddaughter Princess eugenia, commented in the documentary Our queen in ninety (via Country Country), “I think Grandma is the happiest there. I think she really loves the Highlands.”

She went on to say that there are generally dogs around during the monarch’s summer vacation (which is not surprising since it is a notorious dogs lover), along with her family members who accompany her on vacation. When in Balmoral, the queen spends her time driving, horseback riding, and enjoying the outdoors. The farm covers 50,000 acres, so there is no shortage of green space. In total, Balmoral is made up of 150 buildings, according to Country Country with much gardens surrounding them.

Queen Elizabeth has her own ATM

How convenient would it be to have an ATM in your home? Well, maybe only Queen Elizabeth knows the answer to that question. The monarch has his own money machine at his base of operations, Buckingham Palace, as revealed in the documentary. Secrets of the royal palaces on channel 5 (through International business times) fashion reported that the ATM was installed around 2001.

It is provided by the British banking company Coutts, which has a patronage with the royal family As useful as the ATM is, it may not be used as often. The queen is not believed to have cash on her person, according to International business times. However, there’s an exception. She brings cash, five pounds to be exact, to church with her every Sunday, as reported by fashion.

The ATM is not the only useful feature in the palace. In addition to skipping a trip to the bank, the queen never has to go to the post office. There’s one right there at Buckingham Palace, according to the Daily mail. However, Queen Elizabeth probably won’t send her own mail anyway. There are employees for that!

Queen Elizabeth has an employee whose job it is to break her shoes

One of the most extravagant aspects of Queen Elizabeth’s life is the fact that she has an employee who breaks into her shoes for her. This saves her from having blisters on her feet. Stewart Parvin, the former royal dress designer, confirmed to the Sunday time (Through the Daily mail) that the Queen’s shoes “have to be comfortable immediately … she gets someone to wear them. The Queen can never say,” I’m uncomfortable, I can’t walk anymore. ”

Parvin also revealed to the Afternoon standard that the queen’s designated shoe wearer breaks shoes by wearing them “with a pair of beige cotton socks on the mat.” Interesting! Parvin put it this way: “She has a right to have someone put them on.” He is not mistaken!

According to the publication, the queen’s favorite shoes, known as her “work” shoes, are her black, patent leather and lazy heels from Anello and Davide, although it is not known if she loves them because they are already perfectly broken. .


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