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Protests and riots in Peru over the removal of Vizcarra


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A group of protesters today mobilized to the Congress of Peru, in the center of Lima, to protest against the dismissal of Martin Vizcarra and the assumption as new president of Manuel Merino, but they found a police cordon, a scene that ended with repression and riots.

The first protest began last night, immediately after the announcement of the approval of the dismissal of Vizcarra in Congress. Dozens of people held a rally in Plaza San Martín in repudiation of the Congress decision and then marched to the Legislative Palace.

With the passing of the hours and especially after the assumption today of Merino, the protests multiplied in different parts of the capital with cacerolazos and other types of demonstrations, which were repressed with even more force by the police with tear gas, pellets and shots into the air, local media reported.

Amid the scenes of chaos, images posted on social networks show that there are already two injured by the police repression.

In addition, scenes of people singing the national anthem and getting on their knees with drums in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and various harangues in “defense of democracy” went viral.

Vizcarra he was removed from office “for moral incapacity” due to a case of alleged corruption stemming from accusations of receiving bribes when he was governor of the southern region of Moquegua in 2014.

Congress voted for his departure by 105 votes in favor, 19 against and 4 abstentions, far exceeding the 87 votes needed to remove him from the highest office.

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Merino, a 59-year-old agricultural and livestock engineer almost unknown in politics, promised in his first address to Congress that he will respect the electoral schedule that provides for general elections for April 11.

Vizcarra, a 57-year-old provincial engineer without a party or legislative bench, leaves power amid massive popular support, largely due to his management in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, after 32 months of government.

Choosing Merino As head of Parliament, he was promoted by the Popular Action bench, a center-right party that he had been part of for 41 years and the first minority in the chamber.

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