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Protesters block traffic in downtown Sofia | News from Germany about Europe | DW


Anti-government protests have not abated in Bulgaria for three weeks. According to the AFP news agency, on Wednesday evening, July 29, in Sofia, at the building of the country’s government, more than five thousand people gathered. Several hundred protesters staged a procession along one of the central streets of the capital, thereby paralyzing traffic.

The demonstrators accuse government members of corruption and demand the resignation of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the country’s Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov, who, according to the protesters, deliberately does not engage in anti-corruption investigations against people close to the government.

Some of the demonstrators were holding posters with the words “Let’s break this mafia state” and “Resignation and transparent elections.” Anti-government protests took place on July 29 in other cities of the country, but they were smaller than in the capital.

The reason for the massive protests in Bulgaria

Mass demonstrations in Bulgaria began after searches were carried out in the residence of President Rumen Radev three weeks ago. At the same time, the president’s authorized representative for the fight against corruption and Radev’s security adviser were previously detained for questioning. Their offices were searched in two different cases – corruption and disclosure of state secrets.

Rumen Radev is known for his sharp criticism of the government, whose members the head of state considers “connected with the oligarchs.” According to Radev, it is Boyko Borisov who is behind the searches in the bureau of his employees. It is believed that in Bulgaria the problem of corruption is the most serious among all EU countries.

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