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Priyanka Chopra Sister in Law Sophie Turner Was Trolled on Social Medi


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new Delhi. Bollywood and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is known for her fashion sense in the film industry. She always selects different clothes than other actresses. Priyanka remains in the headlines for her clothes and stylish looks. But right now Priyanka’s Jethani Sophie Turner is being trolled on social media for her senses. Even before this, when Sophie Turner came to India for Priyanka’s wedding, there was a lot of troll on social media about her dress.

Pictures of Sophie Turner without wearing pants went viral
Recently Priyanka Chopra’s Jethani Sophie Turner arrived in India with her husband Joe Jonas. During this time, she appeared in a different dress at Delhi Airport. After this people trolled him a lot on social media. Actually, Sophie Turner was wearing only a shirt. Sophie Turner chose a very comfortable dress and was seen wearing only a white and green checked shirt. Looks like Sophie Turner forgot to wear pants in a hurry. But this is not the case, the stars have their own fashion and Sophie has chosen a comfortable dress for herself.

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Carry High Thai Boots with Shirt
Sophie gave Dramatic Eyeliner, Dark, Eyeshadow, Rosie Chicks, Bold Lips and Hair a messy look with this Comparable Dress. He carries black high-Thai boots. Which completes this outfit. Talking about Nick Jose’s elder brother, he was seen carrying a mustard colored jacket and white t-shirt.

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Recently leaked Priyanka’s title pages
Priyanka has written a book. His book is titled Unfinished. Parts of this book have been leaked on social media. The pages of this book which have been leaked on social media also have some pictures in which she is seen with her husband Nick Jonas. One of these pictures is of home entry. This picture is written below. It was quite unusual to move into his new home during the Quarantine. But we made it the best. With homegrown ceremonies. These photos have been shared on the Twitter account named Daily Nick Jonas. Priyanka has retweeted it saying that ‘no spoilers please’.

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