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Priyanka Chopra Reveals She Had Put On 9 Kg After Her Painful Breakup – 5 years later, Priyanka Chopra’s pain


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New Delhi. Priyanka Chopra is a global star even today. But when she moved to New York in 2016, she was going through a very difficult period. In the year 2013, Priyanka’s father Dr. Ashok Chopra had passed away and she could not even fully emerge from the grief of her father’s death that suddenly she was shattered like a mountain of sorrows. 5 Later Priyanka (Priyanka Chopra) has revealed this sadness in her book Unfinished (Priyanka Chopra). Actually, Priyanka Chopra had a breakup in 2016, when she had isolated herself from the whole world. After the breakup, he had to suffer depression (Priyanka Chopra depression) and during that time he had increased to 9 kg put on weight. During that time Priyanka did not tell anything to her mother Madhu Chopra and she used to kneel inside. She could not sleep at night and did not feel like doing anything.

Love and breakup pain in Unfinished
Now after 5 years, Priyanka Chopra has revealed her title of her love and breakup in Unfinished. In this, Priyanka has described the pain of her love life and breakup, how she had to suffer depression after the breakup. Priyanka Chopra had such a difficult time that she isolated herself from the outside world and she only went out to shoot her television show Quantico. Actress Priyanka had also gained almost 9 kg weight while facing her painful breakup.

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Nobody understand what’s going on
Priyanka Chopra has told, ‘When I was not feeling numb. So I was alone. She felt sad and isolated. No one understood what was going on inside me. Because I did not tell anyone. ‘ In another chapter, Priyanka Chopra talked about her desire to become a Bollywood actress. How he was then advised to do the job.

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Director advised breast surgery
Referring to an incident with Priyanka herself, she said that a director had advised her to undergo plastic surgery. Actually, she came to meet a director in connection with the work. Priyanka wrote that the conversation was happening and she stood up and asked me to show you around. After turning around and staring for a long time, he said that if you want to become an actress, then some parts of the body will have to undergo plastic surgery. Actually, he asked me to have breast, jaw and butt surgery.

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