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Priyanka Chopra Pregnancy Rumors On Social Media – Is Priyanka Chopra Pregnant? Photos going viral on social media


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Mumbai. Discussions about becoming the mother of actress Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra) often come up. Once again, such speculations have caught up with Priyanka. This is because of their videos and photos coming on social media. Users on social media say that the actress is sharing videos / photos showing only the face. Posts are not coming in full body. Users believe that this is due to their pregnancy. Let’s know how much truth in this matter:

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Imagine in loose clothes

Let me tell you that some photos of Priyanka had gone viral in the past, in which claims were made to increase the weight of the actress. One of these pictures was also in which Priyanka was seen going on the walk with her doggie. In this photo, the actress was seen wearing overcoat. People have speculated to gain weight by seeing these photos. Apart from this, some pictures of the actress from London are also being shared on social media with the claim of increased weight. Seeing their loose clothes, the fans are seen believing this. However, the actress has not commented on this.

This answer given on family planning
A few days ago, Priyanka talked about her family planning. In an interview, the actress had said that she wants to be the mother of many children. Just do not become a cricket team, so many children are not needed. On the other hand, her husband Nick Jonas also spoke such a thing. Nick said that he also wants a lot of children with Priyanka.

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Book launch
Priyanka has recently launched her book ‘Unfinished’. In this, the actress has talked about many aspects related to life from her childhood to becoming a model-actress, including the troubles and achievements during this period. Unheard stories of Nick Jonas meeting and marrying are part of this book.

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