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Priest near the Pope checks optimistic for COVID-19


The cPhilippine Ardenal Luis Antonio Tagle, who was just lately promoted to excessive positions within the Holy See by the Pope Francisco, examined optimistic for the coronavirus, in line with the Vatican.

The Filipino is acknowledged for at all times smiling but additionally for crying when moved and is taken into account very near the reformist concepts of the Pope Francisco, and due to this fact it’s thought of as a potential successor of the Argentinian.

On August 29 he had a non-public viewers with the Dad And, though on September 7 there was detrimental for the illness, when arriving in Manila on Thursday the tenth the end result was the other.

The priest He has no signs and is remoted, in line with stories from the papacy, and the traces of the folks with whom he was in touch are being carried out.

In December 2019, he was appointed head of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples“which oversees the dissemination actions of Catholicism.

This is the case quantity 13 within the Holy See and the earlier ones have been cured of the illness.



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