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Pparo case: one by one, the evidence for which the husband was arrested


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The husband of the Buenos Aires deputy of Together for Change Carolina Pparo I was behind bars at two in the afternoon this Friday. The prosecutor Mara Eugenia Di Lorenzo imput to Juan Ignacio Buzali by double attempted single homicide and argued the incarceration of the accused in a 16-page text that complicates the detainee a lot.

For Di Lorenzo -to investigate Buzali tomorrow-, when his car ran over two young men on a motorcycle, the man acted “without caring about the consequences of his actions and with clear contempt for the lives of others”.

The text details that the car in which Buzali and Pparo were traveling I struck with the front the rear sector of the motorcycle Honda XR250 where they went Luis Lavalle (23) and with Ivn Colonel (17), who were ahead of them and in the same direction.

“He couldn’t not realize”

“As a result of the collision -the document continues-, Luis Lavalle and Ivan Coronel they got fired impacting their bodies on the pavement, and despite the magnitude of the impact, only both resulted – among other injuries – with minor head trauma, except for complications (…) “.

The document cites at least 11 testimonial statements

The motorcycle, for its part, I got hooked at the bottom of the car and Buzali kept walking. “The driver took off from the place dragging the minor roll while ste sparks due to the friction with the asphalt -particularity that could not go unnoticed by the occupants of the car- for a distance of approximately three hundred meters. During this journey, in turn, hit two vehicles that were parked, until arriving at the artery 22 between 37 and 38, where it detached from the motor vehicle and, after that, it continued its flight from the scene of the events, “denounced Di Lorenzo.

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The document cites at least 11 testimonial statements who support his accusation and mention other evidence, such as the security camera recordings.