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Poland World War II bomb exploded during a delicate operation near the Baltic Sea See Viral Video – World War 2’s most dangerous bomb explosion inside river, unique fountain became


Last year, it was discovered at a depth of 12 meters (39 ft). Was found close to the port city of Swinjski in northwestern Poland. The bomb was over six meters long and loaded with 2.4 tons of explosives – equivalent to about 3.6 tons of TNT.

The Navy had previously said that it had rejected the traditional option of a controlled explosion, fearing a bridge about 500 meters away. Instead of detonating, it was planned to destroy it using deflation techniques. It was to be destroyed through a remote control device.

“The technology of deflagration turned into an explosion,” said Grazgorz Lewandowski, spokesman for the 8th Coastal Defense Flotilla of the Polish Navy in Svenejski. “There was no risk to the people directly involved in it,” he said. He said that the bomb can be considered “neutral”.

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A spokesman for the Swinowski City Hall told AFP that they had not heard any reports of injuries to anyone during the operation by military divers, nor any damage to the city’s infrastructure. The village was evacuated before the explosion.

Before the operation began this week, Lewandowski called it “a very delicate task”, stating that “the most intense vibrations can explode bombs.”

About 750 local residents had already been requested to evacuate the area around 2.5 kilometers (1.6 mi) around the bomb, though some told AFP they would stay.

People were stationed in a game hall, a short distance from the site of the blast. The biggest danger was for him. People were present there during the operation. Halina Paszkowska said, ‘I have been living here for 50 years and there are other bombs, but this is the first time evacuation has taken place. Earlier, we were only asked to stay indoors.

Maritime traffic on the navigation channel and surrounding waterways was suspended in an area of ​​16 km around the bombing operation. The Tallboy was designed to explode underground next to a target, triggering shock waves that would cause destruction.


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