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PIA plane crash in Karachi was due to human error: report – The real reason for the crash of PIA aircraft in Karachi revealed in the investigation report, 98 were killed

जांच रिपोर्ट में सामने आई कराची में PIA विमान के दुर्घटनाग्रस्त होने की असली वजह, 98 की गई थी जान...
The real reason for the crash of PIA aircraft in Karachi, revealed in the investigation report, was 98 ...

Pakistan Plane Crash: 98 people were killed in a plane crash in Pakistan.


Humanitarian fault was the cause of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash in Karachi, Pakistan last month. According to the preliminary investigation report Crash crew sitting in the cockpit of the plane and air traffic controlThis was due to the negligence of the loan (ATC) and not the technical flaw in the aircraft. It is noteworthy that 97 people died in this accident. The PIA plane left for Karachi from Lahore on 22 May, but it fell victim to the accident in the residential area just minutes before landing near the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.

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This Airbus A-320 model aircraft has 91 passengers and Eight crew members were aboard. Two passengers were miraculously saved in this accident, while a girl died on the ground along with other 97 people aboard the plane. The government set up a commission to investigate the matter, whose initial report was to be shared with Parliament on 22 June, but the Minister of Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan submitted the report to Prime Minister Imran Khan instead of Parliament.

Officials said that according to the report, the pilot and ATC officials are primarily responsible for the accident. According to the report of the Express Tribune, the initial investigation report stated that CAA employees, crew members sitting in the cockpit, aircraft control tower and ATC made a number of consecutive mistakes. The report said that there are no signs of technical flaws in the black box yet.

The report said that when the pilot tried to land the aircraft for the first time, both the height and speed were higher than the standard. According to the report, when the plane was trying to land for the first time, it touched the ground in the middle of its 9,000 meter long runway. At the same time the air traffic control room allowed the aircraft to land despite having high speed and altitude.

According to the newspaper, the pilot also did not inform the control tower about the jamming of the landing gear. The attempt by the pilot to take off the aircraft again was a wrong decision. According to the report, after the first attempt to land the aircraft failed, he kept flying in the air for 17 minutes, this was a very important time when both the engines of the aircraft stopped working. According to the report, the engine of the PIA aircraft remained on the runway for 12 hours, but the staff did not remove it and later allowed other aircraft to land there, which is a violation of standard operating procedure.

The newspaper report quoted that the employees engaged in air traffic control work should be discharged after the incident but they continued to work till seven in the evening. It is noteworthy that Air Commodore Osman was densely headed by this inquiry commission and during the submission of the report on Monday, he gave detailed information to the Ministry of Aviation.

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