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Photos and videos! Samsung promotes Galaxy S20 features to help with camera use


Announced in Brazil in mid-March this year, the Galaxy S20 family brings a number of new camera features. The highlights are Space Zoom, Single Take and recording in 8K resolution. You have already seen the best tips for using your model of the new Korean brand line well on TudoCelular.

Now, Samsung has released a list of resources to give users tips on how to better take advantage of the photo and video possibilities on their new smartphones launched on the market. Check it out below:

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Here, the highlight of the brand is the Custom Filter. The functionality allows the creation and personalization of your personal image effects through existing captures. The company points out that it is possible to customize the photos to match aesthetic and color tone preferences.

Another point highlighted by the company is the ability to switch between rear and front sensors while recording a video in 4K UHD. During recording, the change can be made using the “switch camera” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.


The Clean View feature is recommended by Samsung in this segment. It enters the Gallery app the ability to group up to 100 consecutive images in a single package. They are recorded based on the date, for easy viewing, and may have a favorite photo as a thumbnail of the group.

The Galeira app also allows for improved search solutions, with a diversity of results in the search for time or location keywords. If there is no exact result, the smartphone will leave for similar terms.

Editing and sharing

In this category, the company emphasizes the creation of a dynamic video clip with the content it likes most. The user is able to add text, change the duration, change background volume or music, by curating the best moments.

To complete, there is the Quick Share tool. It views nearby users and allows quick sharing of photos and videos in high resolution with several people around them. Just tap the icon dedicated to the function.

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(updated April 18, 2020, 8:18 am)


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