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Phenomenal Cast Of Magic Learning Drama Series “The Order”


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The Order Cast

The Order is an American drama series consisting of 2 seasons. In The Order , a college student Jack Morton joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a society that teaches and practices how to learn magic. Jack reveals the history of this magic organization when he goes deeper to learn magic and also tells us about the battle between the magic dark arts and the members of this organization.


Let’s have a look at the character of this TV drama series:

Jack Morton

Jack is the son of Chloe Morton, the wife of Edward Coventry. Jack was born after the relationship of his mother with Edward Coventry. He joined the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose when he was a freshman student at Belgrave University. By doing this he hopes that it is perfect to take revenge on his father. But later he became a Knight Saint Christopher.

Alyssa Drake 

Alyssa Drake has been characterized as a beautiful and smart achiever. She is also a member of the Hermetic Order and is attracted to Jack. Alyssa has a special relation with magic and says that only magic makes her sensible in her life, without it her life is nothing, meaningless and empty. 

Edward Coventry 

Edward Coventry was Jack’s estranged father as well as the leader of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. He was a poor man but with his efforts and magic, he became a wealthy man. He was the Temple Magus of the Belgrave division of the Order before to become a Grand Magus. Throughout his life Edward has the ambition

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To get the Vade Mecum Infernal to use its power to create a new world.

Gabrielle Dupres

Gabrielle Dupres is a student at Belgrave University and she was selected as a neophyte of the Hermetic Order of the Blue. She is also the last champion of Midnight. Gabrielle passed her test with Brandon and Amir and they were selected as Acolytes.

Pete Morton 

Pete Morton is the real name of Pete Morton is Matt Frewer. He has been described as Pete Morton. Pete Morton was the grandfather of Jack Morton. Pete Morton wanted to take revenge for the death of her daughter named Chloe Morton. He helps his grandson Jack to enter at Belgrave. However, this help is only to taking Edward Coventry down.

Order series is fully available on Netflix now.

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