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Perth ‘Suburban Boy’ predicted a Hollywood obsession and no-1 listened… till now


“I am not the very first Aussie writer to be gazumped immediately after coming up with a scorching authentic plan.”

Warner formulated the Holmes-and-woman-Watson notion as a film script from 2003, when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s performs were being nevertheless in copyright.

He pitched it in Los Angeles in 2005, but got no takers so transformed it to a Tv series idea on which he was functioning when copyright cleared and the storm of Sherlock motion pictures and series started.

Warner reworked the strategy again, creating an NYPD connection, and was on the verge of sending it out as a contemporary script when a new series appeared in the US – with a female Watson, based mostly in NYC.

Gutted, Warner shelved the job but sooner or later decided to novelise. He would still be initially to provide a Victorian-era Holmes into the existing, and a novel could take a look at this more deeply.

It does: but Warner ought to 1st dip his toes into sci-fi.

Dave Warner.

Dave Warner.

Watson masters reviving frozen hamsters, but lacks a human issue. Then she receives an outdated diary revealing Conan Doyle based his books on authentic health care provider John Watson, her ancestor, and his mate Sherlock Holmes, who actually did plunge to his demise in icy waters.

Watson recovered and recorded the spot of Holmes’ frozen corpse, so Georgette Watson smuggles it back to her New York lab and revives it. The new Holmes-Watson duo then investigate a serial killer circumstance, consulting to detectives who consider Holmes a traveling to personal detective.

Complicating issues is romance burgeoning concerning Holmes and Watson that threatens to come to be a tragedy, as something is wrong with the science and Holmes starts deteriorating.

And Warner’s assumed that a novel could investigate this considerably-fetched premise most deeply is without a doubt wherever the benefit lies.

The stress amongst the environment Holmes remaining and the a single he confronts provides the novel its pleasurable: assume Holmes outwitting NYC road grifters, and striding into a chemist demanding cocaine, only to be horrified at its being outlawed.

But it also presents the pathos. First of all, Holmes, even though competently ‘blending’, feels dislocated, providing rise to the book’s greatest passages, with sensory depth soaking his nostalgia for the sights, sounds and smells of extended-missing London, and the jarring contrast of his jarring New York experiences.

Next there is the injustice of a couple locating appreciate across time only to experience the chance it will be torn from them.

Warner looks happiest in his dwelling territory of criminal offense. The e book skates more than the early corpse-thieving and reviving as essential but peripheral the finest writing is in the second half.

The people of Georgette Watson and her household consider a although to get set up, and some more upfront emphasis on Watson’s character could have labored.


Her like for her hamster analysis topics if emphasised previously may well have built her a little bit more relatable. There may possibly have been a much better earlier connection drawn from a childhood around-death working experience to her deciding upon the world’s strangest scientific vocation or a more powerful explanation of why she’s a buttoned-down neat freak.

By distinction, the not likely Holmes is the most finely drawn and sympathetic character, nevertheless yet again the payoff comes in the 2nd fifty percent: his surprise at his to start with knowledge of enjoy, his feeling of being a fish out of drinking water, and his agony of getting his most trustworthy asset, his mind, seemingly atrophying.

And there is no faulting the plot, which is very well-rounded, supplies end-sport surprises and requires treatment of all free ends.

Warner will work his reward for simile to the comprehensive as he builds scenery and action into a layered story with a cracker climax that goes off like one of all those fireworks that surprises with many bangs.

There are also loads of bloody murder target corpses scattered generously in the course of, which I constantly value.

This is a rainy-day browse of unalloyed entertaining and I search forward to what Warner generates next. If his prescience on updating Sherlock is any indicator it could just be a sneak preview of Hollywood’s subsequent massive thing.

Above My Lifeless Physique
Dave Warner
Fremantle Press, $32.99

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