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Participants of the Capitol takeover begin to lose their jobs


NBC News

Some of the participants in the Capitol who had U.S In suspense for hours they are being identified, and they begin to lose their jobs.

That is the case of Paul davis, a lawyer who worked for an insurance company and was caught on the steps of the Capitol, struggling to enter the building.

According to a post on the company’s Twitter account Goosehead, Paul Davis, who was an associate general counsel, no longer worked at the firm following the incidents.

The firing occurred after Davis posted on Instagram that he was gassed in the Capitol during shooting.

A copy of an internal company email from the CEO Mark Jones obtained by the site Insurance journal confirms that the dismissal was due to the alleged participation of the former executive in the violent day in the Capitol.

While we support the right of our employees to vote and express themselves politically, we do not tolerate violent or illegal acts. The actions of this former employee do not reflect the culture or values ​​of our company, and we are disappointed in his behavior, “he said. Jones in the email.

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