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Dustin & Jolie Poirier’s Daughter – Parker Noelle Poirier

Parker Noelle Poirier
Parker Noelle Poirier

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Dustin Poirier & Jolie Poirier were married when they were 20 years of age, according to Hitc.com. Dustin Poirier also knows as The ‘Diamond’ always credits Jolie Poirier for helping him cope with a lot of difficult situations that may have otherwise been overwhelming to deal with alone on his own accord! Parker Noelle Poirier is their beautiful daughter born in August 20, 2016.

Image Credit : Parker Noelle Poirier (@sweetpnoelle) • Instagram photos and videos

Parker Noelle Poirier Age, Birthday, Siblings, Instagram: Dustin Poirier Daughter

Lets read more about Dustin Poirier & Jolie Poirier and their daughter Parker Noelle Poirier!

Who Is Parker Noelle Poirier

Parker Noelle Poirier is the daughter of Dustin Poirier and Jolie Poirier.

About Parker Noelle Poirier’s Family

Parker Noelle Poirier is the daughter of one of Conor McGregor’s toughest opponents, Dustin Poirier. Jolie joined The Good Fight Foundation in 2016 to raise funds for school and welfare services for children with impaired conditions.

Girl NameParker Noelle Poirier
Father NameDustin Poirier
Mother NameJolie Poirier
BirthdayAugust 20, 2016
About Parker Noelle Poirier

Parker Noelle Poirier Instagram

Parker Noelle Poirier’ Instagram account is operated by her UFC Champion dad Dustin Poirier. She is definitely popular on Instagram with more than 8964 followers as of today!

Dustin Poirier’s family is an interesting group. Meet his wife, Jolie and daughter Parker Noelle Poirier!

Dustin Poirier is one of the best fighters in UFC history. He runs a foundation called The Good Fight Foundation, which raises money for children who suffer from chronic diseases like leukemia and cancer.

Dustin Poirier was in Abu Dhabi after the UFC 257 event, talking to the media about his victory against Eddie Alvarez.

Dustin Poirier “The Diamond” is a former interim lightweight champion with an impressive social media following on Instagram. His wife and daughter are often shown in his posts, including pictures of them together and updates about their lives.

Parker Noelle Poirier Net Worth

Parker Noelle Poirier Total Net Worth in 2022 – $1.5 Million – $7 Million (Approx.)

Parker Noelle Poirier Wikipedia

We have included all detailed biography, wiki information about Parker Noelle Poirier in this full article. There is no official WIKI page yet that we could find.

Parker Noelle Poirier Social Media

Parker Noelle Poirier has attracted a lot of attention from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with thousands of dedicated subscribers.

Below is her one of the Instagram Picture

Parker Noelle Poirier Education

Unknown for now…

Parker Noelle Poirier RELATIONSHIP

Not available, she is 6 years old.

Parker Noelle Poirier FAQ

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