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Paris Hilton broke down sharing her experience of leak video


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Mumbai. Hollywood model, actor and singer Paris Hilton recently spoke on videos of her leaked private moments in 2004. He says that at that time he was not treated fairly in this video. The actress has also told how bad her mind and brain was affected after this incident.

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Actress could not stop the tears
Hilton called ‘Veneti Fair Cocktail Hour, Live!’ It was said in the chat that the pain caused by this tape will not only hurt him but his whole life. Paris could not stop her tears while talking about the deception she met her boyfriend. She cried telling how she felt after the betrayal she met her boyfriend.

‘Breaking the trust between two people’
Hilton said, “It was a private experience between two people.” You love someone, believe in someone and betray your belief that the whole world is watching and laughing … It hurts more when people were thinking that it was done intentionally. It almost killed me. It still takes mental stress to talk about it.

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Boyfriend only leaked video
Explain that in 2004, former Parisian boyfriend Rick Salomon released a video of private moments between the two on a porn content website. This private video was named by Rick as ‘1 Night in Paris’. The leaking of this video led to a lot of talk about Hilton in Hollywood. Someone called it a deliberately leaked video, and some considered it a part of publicity. But no one paid attention to Hilton’s mood.

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Old interviewed share
Recently, Paris shared a 2011 radio interview on her Instagram in which the interviewee constantly questioned Gossips with her instead of talking on fixed subjects. Hilton looked uncomfortable during the entire interview, but the host tried to tell the actress to be the woman with the problem. The actress said in one of her Instagram posts that how the entertainment world treated me and other women in one round and how it is not possible to do so in this era.

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