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Pandit Usman Short Film Release Director Said This Is Indias Heart – Pandit Usman is the true heart of India, says the director


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Pandit Usman short film released

Special things

  • ‘Pandit Usman’ short film released
  • The director of the film said this
  • This film combines Hindu-Muslims

new Delhi:

Usman Pandit (Pandit Usman) is a unique film in some ways. It first shows us the face of the madness of the world, and after this, without teaching school-style lessons, it beautifully teaches how important love is in today’s world. It also shoots some sharp satire arrows. It is a great experience to see it. It has been written in a strict manner. There is a deep thought behind its direction. The performance of the cast is superb, captured beautifully by the camera. The music of the film touches the soul.

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Talking about the film Usman Pandit, its writer-director Akram Hassan says, “I have created a world in this film, which you can call a more or less magical reality. A world that is related to us Existence. Love is the thing that connects us to this world. Today our world and thoughts are completely derived from information, pictures and borrowed feelings. , Both of them have lost the purity of their soul. I have tried to re-establish the same purity, consciousness and love of sattvic idea in my film. This could have been possible only through someone who The world has not yet become corrupt due to its influence or it is a child. Children, especially around the world, have purity in their minds, they are untouched by its feelings and thoughts and negative feelings have not arisen in them. I think It is the demand of the times that we should move forward on the path of social harmony for the purity of our soul. With this thinking, I asked Pandit Usman Wired. “

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Pandit Usman further said, “For me, Pandit Usman is the cure for the poison of communalism and he is the true soul of India.” After watching the film, it can be said that Akram Hasan has complete hold in terms of storytelling and direction. He does not wander at all from the original idea of ​​the film. The way the film swings between today’s reality and magical realism, it shows that Akram knows the style of storytelling beautifully. The world of this film is so reliable that you cannot question its rationality.