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Pandemic – spokeswoman for fans: Football slides down in priority


Freiburg (AP) – Helen Breit, spokeswoman for the fan alliance “Our Curve” sees the partial admission of spectators in the football stadiums as both a challenge and an opportunity.

“If the associations are really serious about their self-criticism and actually initiate a change in structure and values ​​in football, then it is possible that we will all go back to the football stadium with a smile on our faces at some point because we can then say: we have the break optimally used. But maybe that’s utopia, “said the 33-year-old from Freiburg to the German Press Agency.

The general meeting of the German Football League (DFL) will vote on Tuesday on uniform measures for a restricted return of supporters in the 1st and 2nd leagues. For example, it is planned that there will be no tickets for guest fans by the end of the year. “Our Curve” and the ultra organization “Pro Fans” have spoken out against this plan.

“I think the longer it takes that we all can’t go to the stadium together, the more we are challenged to organize this social cohesion differently,” said Breit, referring to the consequences of the corona pandemic for the diverse active fan work. The partial admission of spectators will “influence a lot again” in professional football in the next few months.

Breit sees as a board member of “Our Curve” and educational scientist a possible loss of interest of fans in football. “Groups have already said: They will go to the stadium in the usual way – or not at all. For some people, the number one priority was: attending football games. Of course, it just slips further down. It remains to be seen how many Then people come back and say: It’s still in first to third place, or how many it’s in fifth to sixth place. “

The Corona period could also have a strengthening effect, “because we – precisely because we are not in the stadium – are so focused on fan-political and club-political issues.” “Our curve” broadly represents the fan cultures of the DFL and the German Football Association (DFB).


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