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Outbreak in Corona epidemic in America, for the first time more than four thousand deaths in a day


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Washington. The whole world is battling an outbreak of the Corona Epidemic. The USA has been most affected by this virus. The Coronavirus In America has caused an outcry in the United States. There have been a record four thousand deaths in a single day on Thursday. US Surgeon General Jerome Adams has tweeted asking all provinces of the country to speed up corona vaccination.

This is the first time since the onset of the Corona epidemic that such a huge number of people have died in a single day in the USA. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the death toll from the corona could be between 4,05,000 and 4,38,000 by the end of January.

After Pfizer, now an alert has been issued regarding Moderna, this side effect is also happening with this vaccine.

The Corona epidemic killed 4,112 people on Thursday (07/01/2020), while 2,80,292 people became infected. Corona has so far infected 2,16,89,735 people in the United States, while 3,65,495 have died.

More than 2 million deaths from corona in Brazil

Outbreak of corona epidemic The death toll in Brazil, the second most affected country, has crossed 2 lakh. In Brazil, 1524 people have died from corona in the last 24 hours, while 87,843 people have reported corona positive.

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The highest number of deaths in a single day in Brazil was on July 29 last year. The Corona killed 1,590 people that day. While on December 16 last year, the highest corona report of 70,574 people came positive. Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most populous province, is the hardest hit by the epidemic.

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So far, 88,723,714 people have been infected with corona worldwide, while 1,910,616 people have died.

These are the 20 most affected countries in the world

Country names Number of infected Death toll
USA 2,16,89,735 3,65,495
India 1,04,13,417 1,50,570
Brazil 79,61,673 2,00,498
Russia 32,97,833 59,628
UK 28,89,419 78,508
France 27,01,215 66,197
Turkey 22,96,102 22,264
Italy 22,20,361 77,291
Spain 20,24,904 51,675
Germany 18,86,561 38,987
Columbia 17,37,347 45,067
Argentina 16,90,006 44,122
Mexico 14,93,569 1,31,031
Poland 13,56,882 30,241
Iran 12,68,263 55,933
South Africa 11,70,590 31,809
Ukraine 11,33,802 27,073
Peru 10,22,018 37,925
The Netherlands 8,50,790 12,084
Indonesia 7,97,723 23,520