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Our rules, our national interest tops: Australian PM Scott Morrison dismisses Chinas complaints – our rules, national interest highest: Australian PM said – will not bow to China


Australian PM Scott Morrison said, his country will not bow to China


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has bluntly stated that his country will not bow down to pressure from China. Morrison reacted sharply after issuing a bundle of 14 complaints from China. A Chinese official has given a list of 14 complaints to the Australian media. It mentions the reasons for the growing tension between the two countries.

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A Chinese government official had allegedly told three Australian media groups on Thursday that if you make China your enemy, China will become your enemy. The most important reason for China’s irritation with the Australian government is Australia’s harsh foreign interference law, which prohibits the inclusion of Huawei in 5G network trials. Many of China’s investment projects have also been stopped on the basis of national security.

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This unofficial document came from the Chinese Embassy, ​​Morrison said, but it could not prevent Australia from setting rules and regulations based on its national interest. Speaking to Channel 9, Morrison said, “We will not compromise on whether we will make our own foreign investment laws or how we will build our 5G telecommunications network.” We will see what kind of methodology we will adopt to prevent interference in Australia’s affairs.


The Chinese complaint document states that Australia is constantly interfering in China’s affairs. This is Australia’s demand for an independent investigation into the original source of the corona virus. It is alleged that Australia is advancing the anti-China agenda by colluding with the US and spreading misleading information.

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China is constantly troubled by these allegations. At the same time, the US has supported Australia in this diplomatic dispute, saying that China has been dazed by the fact that Australia has taken steps to expose it and protect its sovereignty. The White House National Security Council tweeted this.

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