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Omar Sy reveals a tender snapshot of his daughter Selly for her 20th birthday


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Surprisingly, Omar Sy and his daughter Selly share the same birthday!

On her Instagram account, Helene Sy frequently shares photos of her husband and their five children. If they remain very discreet about their family life, Omar and Helene Sy do not hesitate to mark the occasion on the networks during the big events of their life. This was the case yesterday, for the birthday of Omar Sy and Selly Sy, aged 43 and 20 respectively.

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On her Instagram account, the proud mom posted a series of recent and old photos of the three of them. In legend, she writes “Twenty years ago today, you came into the world after returning from a family birthday party for your dad, who then turned 23. You were obviously for him the most beautiful birthday present he could ever receive, and for us 2 the happiness of becoming parents for the first time ». The post has been liked by over 20,000 people and commented heavily by fans.

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