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old photographs of indore


1. Rajwada, 1912

2. Chhatribagh

3. Maharaj and his assembly

4. Maharaj Tukojirao Holkar II of Indore in the Delhi Durbar, 1877

5. Maharaj Tukojirao Holkar III of Indore, 1913

6. Second wife of Maharani Indira Bai Sahib Holkar, Tukojirao Holkar III

7. Maharaj Yashwant Rao II Holkar Bahadur, 1930

8. Chandravati Bai Holkar

9. Funeral of Maharaj of Indore

10. Umbrellas of Indore, 1912

11. BCG team of Indore

12. New Palace

13. Sir Hukumchand Tower

14. Bridge over the Khan River

15. Khan River, Indore

16. Holkar Hospital Porch

17. Bullion Bazaar

18. Usha Kiran, now this is Regal Theater

19. Viceroy of India at Daly College

20. Old Medical College

21. Piplia Pond

22. Lalbagh Palace

23. Dussehra

24. Gandhi Hall, then King Edward Hall

25. Harsiddhi Temple

26. Indreshwar Temple

27. Krishnapuri Umbrella

28. Tukojirao Hospital, now Indore Press Club

29. MG Road

30. Malhar Martand Temple

31. Raj Darbar

32. Other pictures of the palace

33. Rajwada Market

34. Ralamandal

35. Yashwant Rao Holkar waiting for Prince Edward

36. Yashwant Rao Holkar hunting a tiger

37. Holkar College Ground

38. Naulakha Bagh

39. Malwa Mill

40. Other picture of Malwa Mill

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