Many people get entangled in superstition and take such steps which we cannot even imagine. In this superstition, a man from Thailand cut his throat with a saw. The man was identified as Thammakorn Wangpreecha. It was in his mind that if he cuts off his head, he will be born as an incarnation of God in the next life.

The matter is being reported as of April 15. Thammakaron’s body was found in the Nong Bua Lamphu province temple of Thailand. He was a priest in the temple. He cut his throat with a big saw in the temple premises. He had in mind that by doing this he would sacrifice to God and be born as an incarnation of God in the next life.

According to those who knew Thammakaron, the priest had been preparing for this ritual for the past five years. Everyone thought that he was joking and no one thought that he would really cut his throat.

Thammakaron’s body was first seen by his nephew. There was blood on the floor and the whole matter was revealed by a letter placed next to it. In it, Thammakaron wrote that he had been preparing for the ritual for the last five years. After death, he will now be born in the incarnation of God.

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