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Odisha Fake GST Invoice Racket Worth rs 510 Crore Busted – Odisha: Fraud busted in GST, fraud of 510 crores


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The accused has confessed his crime. (Token picture)

Special things

  • Fake in GST in Odisha
  • 510 crores fraud
  • Main accused arrested


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) department in Odisha has uncovered a major case of tax fraud. While giving the information on Friday, the department said that the case is of 510 million rupees fraud and its mastermind named Sandeep Mohanty has been arrested in Cuttack. Commissioner of Central Tax (CT) and GST in Odisha, SK Lohani said that the accused has confessed to his crime.

He said, ‘There are some people who are misusing the GST system. After examining it, we saw doubt in some tax returns and we went and investigated on the spot. In this proceeding, we caught a big case of tax evasion. A man named Sandeep Mohanty had shown a fraudulent purchase of Rs 510 crore. He did this in the name of 22 fake firms. The truth came out in the investigation conducted by the department.

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GST department officials said that Mohanty had confessed to his crime in the interrogation. He admitted that this fraud was done by misusing the GST system.

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