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10 Odd Jobs In India That Pay Well Without A College Degree


Most of us have a conventional job or on a path to get one. However, some of us don’t want the 9 to 5 jobs and want to pick an unconventional career path, that makes good money, ‘cause isn’t that the ultimate goal. 

India’s high unemployment rate should not be a hindrance for many youths who are ready to go the unconventional but ethical way to make a living. You can always take modeling as your career then again there is too much competition. If you are not happy with the money you are making and the time you are spending on your regular job, then these odd jobs are for you.

So, here are some odd jobs that make good money without a formal college degree. 

1. Bed Warmer – Trending Odd Job


This has to be our number one because this job is so cool! Love napping? Well, now someone will pay you to do it! There is my dream come true.

Bed Warmer is an actual job that is prominent in various parts of the world. When a person doesn’t like getting into a freshly made bed, they pay someone to sleep in it for a few minutes, to make it warm. This odd job is so much trending now that big hotel chains are offering bed warmers to their customers. 

2. Voice Artist – Oldest Ever Odd Job In India

Sonal Kaushal – Voice artist of Doraemon

If you can do a Smurf imitation well, then this is the job for you. A voice artist gives his voice to various cartoons, radio shows and a lot more. The industry for this is quite large. Any person with a good voice and the ability to control and modify it well can apply for this job.

The famous animation show Doraemon is filled with voice artists from all over India. The lead character in the show the blue dot Doraemon is given his/her voice by Sonal Kaushal. Read her story here.

You may as well be the next Pikachu!

3. Private Island Caretaker – Odd Jobs for NRIs


This has to be the ultimate dream job! A private island caretaker looks after the property on the owner’s behalf and gets rent-free accommodations in exchange. You may also get a wage. On average, a caretaker can make $60,000 per year plus other incentives. However, high-end caretakers make around $150,000 per year. This helps you enjoy a lavish lifestyle, without bearing the costs.

4. Water Slide Tester – Most Desirable Odd Job


Are amusements park your favorite destination? Then this is exactly what you have been waiting for!

All those “water-child” people out there can indulge in the unique opportunity to be a water slide tester. Your job would be ensuring that the water slide is perfectly safe for the people who will be visiting the amusement park. But before you ‘jump’ into this odd job you need to know the basic rules are regulations. This article here might help you. 

5. Ethical Hacker – Ethical Odd Job In India


An ethical hacker is one of the coolest jobs in the world. It is also known as white hat hacking. An ethical hacker attempts to penetrate a computer system, network or an application with the permission of the owner, in order to check the system for any vulnerabilities. These courses here from Udemy might help you in your path of becoming an ethical hacker. Just be an ethical hacker, not these notorious hackers

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6. Food Critic – Most Common Odd Job in India


Always been a foodie and have a knack for the right taste, then you might do great at this job. As a food critic, a person is paid to try the food in different restaurants, cafes, etc and write a review. Now, everyone is a food critic but writing on your facebook wall or twitter feed and writing on a magazine or newspaper is quite different. Find out these 3 ways to become a food critic

7. Snugglers – Uncommon Odd Jobs


This has to be a super weird job. In this job, someone pays another person to snuggle with them. You can make quite a tidy sum by being a snuggler. However, this job can either be very pleasant or a complete nightmare, so be careful!

Payment depends on how well you snuggle!

8. Food Stylist – Healthy Odd Jobs


If you can’t cook well but still want to get into the food industry, then this is the right job for you. Restaurants pay good money if you can make their food look more presentable. Also, food stylists have great demand in the advertisement industry. Food styling is actually a career path in western countries. 

9. Decoy Executives – Corporate Odd Jobs


If you can look the part then this job is yours! In different parts of the world, especially China, acting like a fake businessman to sit in corporate meetings is an actual job. It is known as corporate theatre.

The pay differs from job to job.

10. Brewmaster – Coolest Odd Jobs in India


Do you think drinking beer is fun? Well, how about making it! A brewmaster brews various kinds of alcoholic drinks for all kinds of breweries. The rise of brewmasters in India has been seen in the last 4-5 years. We now have various desi breweries and desi beer companies which can easily compete with the imported ones. This article proves how well paying this job can be. 

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11. Sperm or Egg Donor – Secret Odd Job


Last but not least, Sperm or egg donor. Since we all remember the movie Vicky Donor it is not the first time you are reading somewhere about sperm donating as a means of earning money, well quite good enough money. It would have been a Taboo if I would have written about sperm donating as a means of living 6-7 years ago. But the movie introduced this odd job 7 years ago and its success proves that Indians have moved on from traditional to the liberal mindset. Yes, also egg donation or surrogacy can be a way of earning a living for many women who helps to a childless couple to enjoy being a parent.

So, the next time you want to pick an odd career path, do so with confidence, because these jobs may pay you better than the 9 to 5 jobs the world expects us to chose. The added bonus they provide you with an interesting lifestyle as well as an interesting tinder bio!



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