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Nicholas Spark movies, phenomenal novelist and an amazing screenwriter


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Nicholas spark

American novelist and screenwriter, ‘Nicholas spark’, is the world’s best and most beloved story teller. This versatile, phenomenal storyteller beautifully picturizes the reality of life. According to him, love and tragedy are opposite sides of a same coin, greater the love more will be the sorrows. The phenomenal novelist, stories depict hope and aspiration.

The way the versatile novelist penned down the reality of life, magical skills, grabs the attention of the readers. Stories full of emotions, beautiful scenarios, forces the people to read novels and watch captivating movies. Message in a bottle, the notebook, Long Ride, The choice are most popular and worth reading novels.

Novels adapted as films

  • True story
  • The choice
  • The notebook

The choice

American romantic drama film, based on Nicholas Novel the choice, its story of two neighbours, falling in love in first meeting, living in small coastal town. This love relationship had to face so many hurdles and rehearsals but eventually their consistency and love overcomes the hurdles and they have a happy ending.

True story

This is the movie, based on the true story of a couple living together from 60 years, grandparents of Cathy, Nicholas’s ex-wife. Cathy loved her grandparent’s a lot. Cathy want them to attend her wedding but they can’t attend the wedding due to illness.

The Notebook

Noah Calhoun, Mill worker and a rich girl, Allie, fall in love with each other but her parents do not approve this relation due to status discrimination. On the demand of her parents, she was engaged to a rich man Lon, Allen the rich girl couldn’t forget her past and finally the enduring power of love pairs them again. This was a miraculous pairing.

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Nicholas spark’s movies list

  • High string
  • The choice
  • True story
  • Longest ride
  • A walk to remember
  • Autumn leaves

Nicholas spark’s movies depict the True emotions, love, feelings, hope, aspiration and reality of life. Nicholas has a magic in his words, so soothing and memorable. The popular, magical novelist and storyteller, having magic in his words, is famous for his phenomenal writing skills.

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