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New Zealand Cops Celebrating Diwali By Dancing To A Medley Of Hit Bollywood Songs See Viral Video – New Zealand policemen did tremendous dance on Bollywood songs, created panic


New Zealand policemen performed tremendous dance on Bollywood songs, celebrating Diwali – see video

Diwali is celebrated with great pomp in India. In fact, this festival of joy brings people from all over the world. A video which is going viral on social media, in which the police in New Zealand are seen celebrating Diwali while performing dance on New Zealand Cops Dancing To Bollywood Songs.

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The official Twitter account of the Indian High Commission in New Zealand shared a video of the police officers performing dance performances on Bollywood songs at a Diwali event organized by the Wellington Council. She danced to Bollywood song ‘Kar Gayi Chul’ and ‘Kala Chashma’.

In the video, police officers can be seen performing tremendous dance.

See Video:


The performance has earned praise on Facebook. In the comments section, the person wrote, ‘Amazing performance.’ The other user wrote, ‘I enjoyed seeing it.’ New Zealand has a large population of Indians and people of Indian origin. According to the 2018 census data, the number of people of Indian origin including Fiji Indians in New Zealand has crossed 2,30,000, constituting 4.7% of New Zealand’s population.

This is not the first time that police in New Zealand have danced to Bollywood songs at a Diwali event – it also happened in 2017.

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