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New Google Pay logo came out now app will be seen in this style


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Google is now going to be seen in a new avatar. Tech giant Google Pay will now be seen in a new style. Let us know that the new Google Pay logo has been shown in India, which is very colorful. According to a report by Mashable, Twitter saw the new logo named Sumant Das. Let us know that this new logo has not been made live for all users. Google Pay is a payment app that allows online money transactions.
Talking about Google Pay’s current logo, it includes G and Pay. This is the only logo of Google which has so many colors. The new logo does not look like it represents the payment app. In the name Google Pay, the new blue and yellow u represent G while the green and red inverted u also represent P.
Mashable reports that the new Google Pay logo is part of the company’s new design and its color scheme. The company is changing its logo under this new scheme. It may happen that if you have been using Google Pay for a long time then you may not like this new change. Because the new logo is very different from the old logo and it may take some time for the users to get used to it.

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Although the new people have not come before everyone and the company has not given any official statement on this yet, let us know that we have not got new people yet. Even after visiting the Google Play store, the logo does not appear in the listing there.

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