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Netherlands Sculpture Of Whale’s Tail Has Miraculously Saved Train Reportedly Crashed Through Buffer Stop


NBC News

Metro train climbed on top of whale’s tail

A massive sculpture of the whale’s tail miraculously rescued the train 30 feet off a railway platform in the Netherlands. In Rotterdam, Netherlands, the metro was to stop at the last stop, but the metro train went ahead instead of stopping. But where the metro trek was coming to an end, engineers were making two whale tails for beauty, one of which saved the train from falling. Had there not been a whale’s tail, a big accident could have happened.

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ABC News According to the report, the incident occurred on Monday morning, in Spigenkiese, Netherlands, when a metro train allegedly crashed through a buffer stop at the end of the railway line at D’Ackers station in Rotterdam. She climbed directly above the whale’s tail statue.

According to a tweet by the Rotterdam Police Operational Center Unit, police and emergency services officials arrived at the scene. Where, fortunately, no one was hurt.

Forbes According to the police present at the accident, there were no passengers in the train at the time of the incident and an investigation is being done as to what is the reason for driving through the safety buffers at the end of the train?

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