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Neha Kakkar Crying in Indian Idol and Revealed anxiety issue disturbed her a lot – Neha Kakkar shared her pain


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Neha Kakkar started crying on the set of Indian Idol

New Delhi :

Neha Kakkar is currently judging Indian Idol and often shares many important things in her life. Neha Kakkar has fought a long struggle to achieve this milestone. In the upcoming episode, the judge will praise him fiercely after the performance of Chandigarh’s Anushka on the song ‘Luka Chuppi’. Not only this, Neha Kakkar got emotional and could not stop her tears after listening to Anushka’s melodious voice. He also revealed that like Anushka, he too has an emotional issue. His suffering from thyroid is also the main reason for his concern.

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Neha Kakkar said, ‘Though I have everything, a good family, career, but my physical problems always bother me a lot and due to which I am surrounded by worries. Apart from this, he told Anushka that she was really proud to see his control on stage and that too when she was in tears after seeing her performance in the eyes of her parents standing in front of the stage.

Anushka said, ‘Neha ma’am has always been very supportive. When I told him that I had an agitation issue, he encouraged me. This time when she praised me, I feel myself on the seventh sky after receiving appreciation for myself with a personality like Neha Maim. To hear his appreciation from his mouth is like a dream come true for me. From now on, I will make sure to give my 200 percent and take care that I will never disappoint them.

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