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Navya Naveli Nanda gave befitting reply to troll says you are aware we are in the middle of a pandemic


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Actor Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda is very active on social media. She is seen openly expressing her opinion on the issues related to the country and women on her social account. At the same time, Navya also knows how to answer trolls on the Internet. Just like his maternal uncle replying to trolls with the Spendang, Navya has also been seen in the same way. Recently, on a post of Navya, a user tried to make fun of him, then Navya silenced him with his great comment.

Posted on social work

Actually, recently, Navya Naveli Nanda shared a post about her project on her Instagram account. Navya and her institute have inaugurated the first ‘Period Positive Home’ at Gadchiroli. While sharing a picture of this home, Navya told how happy she is. On this post, many relatives of Navya have spoken of being proud of her. Meanwhile, a social media user suspected Navya’s intentions and tried to troll Navya.

The troll asked the question…

Commenting on Navya’s post, a user wrote- ‘If this project was so important to you, then why didn’t you go there for the inauguration ??’ …. Navya wrote, while replying to this, ‘I I think you will know that we are all in the midst of an epidemic? ‘… On this, Navya is getting the support of many followers.

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Gives answers in the manner of maternal uncle

Navya, like her maternal uncle, never hesitates to answer trolls. Earlier, a troll asked him what his mother Shweta Bachchan Nanda did? On this, Navya said that ‘He is a writer, a designer, a wife and a mother’. Apart from this, he had told people not to underestimate the work of homemakers as it is a full time job.

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