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Navratri 2020: Garba Dance In Unique Hand Painted PPE Costume In Gujarat Watch video

Garba 2020: Fashion designing students wear garba wearing unique PPE kit garba dress, decorated with colorful scarves, ethnic touch

new Delhi:

Garba Dance 2020: Navaratri (Navratri 2020) Garba remains incomplete without dance, especially in Gujarat for 9 days of Navaratri, Garba (Garba) is worth watching. But this time Navratri is starting from October 17 in the midst of Corona crisis. Corona is also seen to have an impact on festivals, because this time a ban on playing Dandiya and Garba in public has been banned in Gujarat. But in the meantime, Garba lovers have found a unique way to dance Garba in the coronary period, which can be admired by everyone.

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In order to enjoy garba among coronaviruses, the fashion designing students of Surat played garba in a special costume made from PPE kits (PPE). To play Garba, he has worn these costumes made of PPE kits in white with multi-colored scarves to give him an ethnic touch. To make the costume more attractive, it has been painted with different colors and is also decorated using glass.

Garba will not happen this time in Gujarat

Due to coronavirus, the government of Gujarat has not allowed garba programs and ceremonies during Navratri this year. Officials said, “The state government has issued guidelines related to Kovid-19 for Navratri. In Gujarat, there are usually big events on Navratri, which can spread COVID-19 infection in the state.”

Garba booms on Navratri

Navratri is one of the most popular festivals of Gujarat. Garba’s programs attract people from all over the world. Garba is a popular folk dance of Gujarat and is performed with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm during Navratri. Traditionally, female dancers wear colorful dresses while wearing garba and dandiya. These dresses are called ‘Chaniya Choli’.


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