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National Route 34: A large amount of money was hijacked from another truck


20/06/2020 – 16:29 Police

During a roadblock at the National Route 34 in the framework of road checks by the COVID-19The town of Pichanal, SaltaThe Federal Police Anti-Drug Division seized again in the last few hours a large sum of money that was being carried in a Mercedes Benz truck normally intended for the dairy transport. The vehicle was driven by a 33-year-old man and was headed for the town of Perico in Jujuy, where the driver also resides.

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The truck belongs to a company in the same province. During the inspection carried out inside the driver’s cabin, the troops saw a backpack inside which they found a large amount of money in pesos.

When the driver was asked about the origin of the silver, the man explained that it had been delivered to him by traders after the purchase of dairy products. However, the documentation to justify all of the more than 1.3 million pesos he was transporting was not sufficient and he was charged with the crime of money laundering, although he was not arrested.

According to the sources, after having accounted for all the bills that were inside the backpack, it was found that the trucker was carrying $1,307,060, of which only the sum of $416,786 could be legally justified through invoices. Due to this, and in accordance with the order of Prosecutor Luis Valencia, of the Decentralized Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Oran, the $890,274 that he could not explain was kidnapped.

This fact is added to a similar one occurred in the last hours, in which personnel of the National Gendarmerie kidnapped an important amount of money hidden in trucks that, this time, were intercepted during different operations carried out in the provinces of Corrientes and Chaco.

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The vehicles were carrying more than 2 million pesos, which is added to the $33,000,000 that were found throughout last week at other controls carried out on different days in Santiago del Estero, Salta again and Tucumán.

One of the controls carried out was headed by members of Squadron 7 “Paso de los Libres” who were deployed at kilometer 536 of National Route 14, at the access to the town of Tapebicua in Corrientes.

In this framework, the gendarmes intercepted the march of a cargo transport with semitrailer, which was moving from Misiones to Entre Ríos, and when they carried out the corresponding control they found a total of 1,588,096 pesos.

The case was left in charge of the Federal Court of Paso de Los Libres, which ordered the seizure of the money and the initiation of a case against the truck driver for violation of the Exchange Regime.

The second procedure was carried out in the province of Chaco, when agents from the “Roque Saenz Peña” Squadron 1, located at kilometer 175 of National Route 16, stopped a Mercedes Benz truck to carry out a routine procedure.

The vehicle was transporting packages of pine and eucalyptus from Corrientes to Jujuy province, but when they requested the documentation from the driver, the uniformed personnel noticed the driver’s nervousness, so they proceeded to commandeer the vehicle. Under the bed of the cabin, they found a bag of burlap, which in turn contained another but green nylon type, in which they found a rain pilot, which wrapped 700,000 Argentine pesos.

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