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Natalie Portman shares how her sexualization at a very young age disrupted her teenage years


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Revealed to the whole world with Leon, the actress had a hard time managing her sexuality.

She was elevated to an international star at the age of 12 after her incredible performance in Leon in 1994. But Natalie Portman, very quickly sexualized by the media and magazines, saw her sexuality turned upside down and tells, 26 years later, how she managed her evolution as a woman.

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Being sexualized at such a young age took me away from my own sexuality because it scared me. So many people felt like I was super serious and prudish and very old fashioned as I grew up. But it is something that I consciously cultivated because it made me feel safe. If someone respects you, that person will not try to reduce you to a simple object », She told journalist Dax Shepard in her podcast “Armchair Expert”.

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She also tells how in 1997 she turned down the role of Lolita in the film adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s book. Refusing roles and refusing to do love scenes then became part of Natalie Portman’s self-defense techniques. ” At this age, you have your own sexuality, you have your own desire and you want to explore things … But you don’t necessarily feel safe. So you build these fortresses ”, she lamented.

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