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NASA has created a perfume that smells like space


Who knew space would really have a scent of its own? But it really is, like everything else on this earth, there is a fragrance of space and not only that, we will all be able to experience it very soon.

In fact, a chemist named Steve Pearce was contracted to make this space fragrance for NASA in 2008. The fragrance was created to train astronauts to go into space so that they would not be unaware of anything possible when they arrived in space. It took him 4 years to perfect this fragrance.

If you are wondering what the smell of space will be like after all? Astronaut Peggy Whitson explains, ‘It smells like a gun, just after the shot. I think it’s almost a bitter smell, apart from being smoky and burnt. ‘

eau de space

The team behind Eau de Space is now seeking community support through the Kickstarter campaign to reach out to the general public.

The product managers of Eau de Space hope that with this perfume they will increase the children’s interest in learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

He says that in the time to come, he will also bring the scent of the moon among the people.

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