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“My end-of-year dish? My grandmother’s rabbit with prunes »


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He delighted our evenings of confinement on screen, tumbling down with his inventive recipes, his good humor, his energy and his humor. The Top Chef semi-finalist won the medal of the heart, that of the public.

Since then, there have been many requests, but he does not forget to get involved with those who are in need. Malou, celebrity of the year 2020? In any case, we wanted to open this series of portraits under the sign of solidarity with him.

For the moment, cook Mallory Gabsi is at home and polishing his plans for 2021. And since he is never short of ideas, he has launched a brand of kitchen aprons, Tabliers Alma, in France. “A delirium to stay active. Like many, I’m stuck at the moment. But 2020 remains a strong year given the success of Top Chef, a lot of people have looked at me and supported me. I know people want to go back to restaurants and that’s cool! Restaurant owners, especially young people who had just opened their establishment, must feel that we want to support them and help them. “

He will undoubtedly have been one of the most popular contestants on the show, in all editions. A tsunami of emotions for a 23 year old young man. “The pressure was not always easy to manage, I had to relax a bit. We cannot imagine going, so young, so far in Top Chef or receiving so many feedback when leaving. But without the show, I would never have gotten to where I am today. ”

His personality is such that he brought joy and sensitivity to homes. “And we all needed it then. Even I was laughing at the broadcast seeing the valves I was able to tell. People saw a bon vivant on screen, the everyday Malou. In life, you have to stay as positive as possible. When I had my accident in my eye, a milestone in my life, I could have given up. I think I can show a lot of young people that you should never give up, no matter what. “

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User-friendliness as a credo

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Mallory quickly wanted to engage with others. “Cooking is sharing. I find it normal, especially when you reach a certain level of notoriety, to help associations or people in difficult situations. I have indeed participated in various projects this year, in particular by bringing food to the most disadvantaged in the streets. How to stay idle when winter arrives? The fact that I also went to bring meals to a hospital like Bordet, during the “101 Tables” *, undoubtedly pleased the patients, even if I was not able to go see them in their rooms because of the sanitary measures. . I received a lot of love during Top Chef, it is normal that I give back part of this affection. ”

And the young cook sees further. “When I open a restaurant, I also hope to be able to help and share. Of course, I dreamed of recognition and stars. But now I realize that what we need above all is conviviality. “
What is her most comforting dish at the end of the year? “I’m not going to tell you the couscous again because I’ve already talked about it a lot. It would rather be the rabbit with prunes of my maternal grandmother. It was sometimes eaten at Christmas, with Liège syrup, and fries of course! ”

He will approach 2021 with confidence and caution. “We must continue to work and dream, but taking into account the times we are going through. And as far as I’m concerned, yesterday’s restaurant won’t be tomorrow’s. “

The Friends of Bordet support medical research against cancer. And through the “101 Tables” event, Brussels restaurateurs and top chefs provide support and prepare exceptional meals for patients.


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